. Mercury retrograde: Inspiration and Illusion

We are entering a pretty busy time of the year astrologically speaking. Along with revolutionary Uranus entering Taurus for 7 years on March 6th, Mercury’s first retrograde period in the constellation of Pisces is also starting today, conjoint to the New Moon in the same sign tomorrow. Then later in the month, the planet of communications and travels will pair with Neptune on March 28th, before being direct again.

As usual, address the situation with mindfulness: practice patience when experiencing mishaps and disturbances with your electronic devices, transportations and delays during both your short and long distance travels (even though Jupiter in Sagittarius will be supportive on that point of view). Be also aware of misunderstandings and confusion: time is not for any verbal and written commitments, concretize projects or signing contracts (they will be subject to contract breach as soon as the retrograde period is over), but for getting ready, re-evaluate the situation, meditate and address your current affairs with more spiritual awareness.

If you are to make a speech or presentation, make sure to double-check all your datas and documents, be ready for some gaffes too. Try to take the situation with humor, the mess that the period of retrograde Mercury brings begins to be known in a viral way in our super-connected fast-paced society: blame the retrograde planet for the blunder, you could receive a more sympathetic response than you might think…

When the planet of practicality and mental activities is in the sign of subjectivity, the communication with our unconscious mind, but also with the collective unconscious (represented by the sign of the Fish) is greatly increased. You may feel as if you can’t help switching off your controlling left brain, and connect to your Soul, with your inner world rather than the outside… a great support to find answers while connecting your right brain and find more creative answers, if not experiencing some “Aha” moments. Dreams can be particularly vivid now and significant right now: make sure you have a pen and notebook handy to record your most significant dreams before they vanish while you carry on with your daily routine.

March is therefore a privileged month for a psychological and spiritual work for inspiration will run high for empaths, intuits and therapists, or for artistic projects. Healing with the water element or with waves (music, any therapy using radio-frequencies, etc…) will be particularly efficient now. Inspiration, let go, trust in higher forces (no matter you call it Life or God) are the watchwords of this month of March. Our sensitivity to the invisible will run high emotionally as well as physically: make sure to create some “me time” to remain in your own energy and set healthy boundaries with the collective as you could absorb other people’s energy/emotions like a sponge without even noticing it. if you feel the call, this is a perfect time for a retreat.

With all this water element, be aware of the Neptunian illusion which can also bring some confusion and escapism, sometimes for “artificial paradises” with the use of drugs. Let’s keep in mind that Jupiter is in tense aspect to Neptune in Pisces during almost all 2019. Beware of smooth-talkers, of fake gurus and the illusion of beautiful promises: practicing sense of discrimination is no luxury throughout this period of Mercury retrograde (March 5th – 28th).

May you go with the flow and surf the wave of this Mercury retrograde phase and the month of March smoothly and gracefully.

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Copyright ©Rita MINASSIAN

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