. Jupiter in Sagittarius: Aim Your Arrow High

This is probably one of the most expected astrological event of 2018 that happens once in 12 years: on November 8th, Jupiter will finally settle in its home sign of optimistic Sagittarius (very strong position) until December 2nd 2019, a much welcome shift that will finally bring a lighthearted outlook on life for everyone after an emotionally demanding year of personal growth. As announced in the posts I shared with you in spring (Uranus in Taurus: The shake in values and The Feminist aspect), since October 2017 when Jupiter entered the constellation of Scorpio, we lived, both individually and collectively.

In-depth psychological transformation through death and inheritance issues, passion and sexuality (including sexual abuses among the church and the #meetoo movement) health issues specially in the area of gynaecology, power struggles and upheavals regarding shared resources (including stock market and tax services), hidden agendas about governments, politicians and even espionage are a few examples. With mystic Scorpio it has been all about depth, going to the core of the matter and achieve the alchemical greater work known as ” Solve-Coagula “, the dissolving of inner blockages, the transmutation of what no longer serves us and give birth to “Solutio perfecta”, a reshaped being closer to our true essence and highest good.

I shared a couple of links both in French and English at the end of this page related to the topics above to seen in the news this past year*.

The Metaphysics of Self : Jupiter’s existential quest

There is a logic in the zodiac of how signs follow each other: if Scorpio is about “dissolution”, Jupiter, also called “the great benefic”, is “solution” oriented, specially in its home sign of Sagittarius. The good news is that all the transformation you experienced these past months, all the “dying to self” episodes you’ve been through is leading you to a whole new paradigm. Enough “dark nights of the soul”, time to have more faith in the divine: if obstacles held you back from taking a leap of faith, Jupiter fearlessness attitude will now urge you to raise the bar, reflect on existential topics, on your true desires and motivate you to aim for bigger goals in order to pursue the true meaning of your life.

This is not the promise that all your challenges will suddenly vanish with the blink of an eye, but with a new enthusiastic mindset you could be taking another look at the limitations you’ve set for yourself in the past, and questioning whether they are valid or not. Challenges that might once have frightened you into inaction now seem like nothing more than momentary delays on our journey to realize our dreams. Confident Jupiter will make you feel more motivated about starting new projects or moving boldly toward your goals.

Jupiter the teacher

Among the fields dear to Jupiter and Sagittarius is higher education: during the next 13 months, you may feel the urge to go back to school and get this certification you always hoped to achieve. You may want to drastically change your professional life and enroll in a new training program. If by any chance, your certification is related to law, medicine (including integrative healing) trading with foreign countries, or your dream goal is to finally publish your book (Jupiter and the 9th house it rules also represent publishing and edition), be sure Jupiter will support the new journey you’re embarking on.

The spiritual and cultural expansion

If one word defines perfectly Jupiter, the larger planet of our solar system and the sign of Sagittarius is «expansion», and no doubt that travel is one of the best way to expand and explore actively: with Jupiter/ Sagittarius The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence… More than ever before, you may feel like widening your horizons, discover new destinations, some faraway lands, maybe for the first time, connecting a new culture beyond the sphere your education provided. Your beliefs may awaken with fresh ideas when you change landscape. You may now find it easier to accept others’ viewpoints and become more tolerant with beliefs that differ from yours. Communication and understanding are precious keys to healthier and real connections nowadays, not just through a few likes and words exchanged via electronic devices on social medias.

A few years ago, an interesting study was led on 67 people from different origins volunteered to have an ancestry DNA testing: the results were surprising for many of them discovered cultural origins way different from what they would know about their family story. This life changing truth brought much more tolerance to the volunteers and a different consciousness in their daily interactions. You may want to check the Youtube I’m sharing at the end of this article.**

Setting free from early childhood conditioning that may have confined us in strict cultural norms is a gift: this is not about forgetting our values and who we are but to simply expand our belief system, to step outside our limitations and embrace our beautiful world in its diversity, this is a great source of tolerance and empathy that our world desperately needs. This transit is a great opportunity to set a new ideal of unity for humanity.

 Jupiter the ecologist

This naturally leads me to the next area dear to Jupiter in Sagittarius as a nature lover: ecology, the protection of our environment and issues about climate change should be center stage for the next 13 months. In spring, Uranus in Taurus will also join the dance to help rise consciousness (by bringing additional so-called natural disasters?).

Jupiter will be transiting Donald Trump’s natal South Node (destiny) and Moon, Sagittarius (exact in February – March and October 2019): we hope this transit will bring a new consciousness for him to reconsider the Paris agreement on climate change.

Jupiter the truth seeker: a test for discernment

Talking about keeping promises, Jupiter at its best, is an example of integrity: 3 dates to note when Jupiter will be in tense aspect to Neptune, when balanced and discerning approach to expectations will be best as this contact can set us up for disenchantment, here are the exact dates:

– 13 January 2019
– 16 June 2019
– 21 September 2019

Caution is highly recommended for these transits for they not only represent a lack of integrity (consciously or unconsciously) but also danger related to drugs, dogmatism or cults/ spirituality involving “fake gurus”. There are abusive people in all areas of life and spirituality is no foreign to it. Therapists working in the field for long would agree that unfortunately, we’re witnessing an increased number of fake news and conspiracy theories that are creating more fear and imbalance than helping people rise their frequency and contact their true potential.

Again, choose with discernment: energy don’t lie, if you are not comfortable, there must be a reason. Be your own leading figure, this is the best way to train your intuitive abilities.

It goes without saying that people will ask for more integrity from politicians and governments with this placement. The 9th house of the zodiac ruled by Jupiter will also highlight the sensitive topic of fake news and the freedom of medias. As we said, there is no chance that Sagittarius follows the sign of Scorpio: after an impressive amount of sex scandals revelations under Jupiter in Scorpio, Jupiter in Sagittarius will act as a “warrant of morality”. This period can give birth to a series of new laws to protect women and children. Medical legislation may see radical changes as well. My intuition tells me that the most popular hashtag on Twitter in 2019 will be “#Ethics”. This trend will continue throughout December 2019, but we still have time to discuss about it next year.

On a more practical point of view, these aspects can also bring issues with the water element like leakages and floodings (individually and collectively), make sure to double-check your insurance covers.


It’s way more difficult to regret things we haven’t tried than the ones we did: “What if?…” is probably the biggest questions that many ask themselves on the verge of leaving their earthly bodies at the end of their life. When facing a challenge, we can remember that there is a single letter change between “scared” and “sacred”, that a single change in perspective can transform our lives in blink of an eye: we are always one decision away from our ideal…

Be sure to make the most of this auspicious shift that happens every 12 years only: this is the time have a vision, to be confident and secure about your abilities to succeed, the time to take the big journey trusting that your higher perspective is supported by forces no matter you call it “God”, “the Universe” or “fate”. This year, by encompassing the bigger picture you will find the meaning of your existence that may well lead you to your personal holly grail. Be aware of the opportunities not to miss, Jupiter in the sign of the archer will not only help you envision a better existence but will also provide you with the strength you need to pursue it: aim high, “What if” you dream big? Give it a try…

A few keywords defining Jupiter in Sagittarius:

Faith – Optimism – Confidence – Solution – Ethics – Expansion – Exploration – Generosity – Abundance – Foreign affairs – Knowledge – Human laws – Cosmic laws – Religion – Sacred – Carpe Diem – Exaggeration

If you wish to know how the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will affect you for the next 13 months, book an appointment with us.

* Sources:



Government/ Finances

Espionnage/ Cold cases



** The DNA journey:

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