Thank you all for having been part of my year 2019!
What a year, filled up with challenges and major breakthroughs continue reading…

Holistic coaching expert Rita Minassian will help you experience the full potential of your holistic Self by taking care of your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing such as the sacred space you share with others.

No matter if you started your journey to mindfulness years ago or you recently felt the urge to operate some changes in your daily routine to live a whole life, you can explore here the complete range of tools we provide for your Mind-Body-Spirit needs, in the «here and now», but also our exclusive approach to enjoy a harmonious, bespoke interior design, both esthetically and energetically.

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Rita Minassian medium Chaneling and Coaching

Through her insight, Rita is a conduit to facilitate communication with the nonphysical world and accompany people in their spiritual development. Continue reading…



Astrology is a 5000 year-old science (Astro-logos, the science of the stars) and an extraordinary tool for personal development when addressed in a professional way, far from some magazine’s clichés. Continue reading…



Used since thousands of years in order to calm down the flow of our thoughts, meditation helps us to achieve a deep peace of mind. It also increases our ability to focus and prepare us to take action in the world. Continue reading…


RITA MINASSIAN medium interior designer

No matter if you follow the Compass school or the Landscape school in your use of Feng shui, this Chinese ancient tradition can quickly become a headache to apply in Occidental countries. Continue reading…


Rita Minassian Trainings and workshops

We were all born with intuitive skills, developping them belong to us in order to be able to connect the Akashic records, a limitless ethereal database, which provides an infinite amount of information. Continue reading…