Past Events

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  • 2018


“Food & Nutrition”

We are pleased to announced that we will be participating to the second Ayurveda global conference organized by the Ayurveda Association of Canada (AAC)

  • Conference highlights:

– The Ayurvedic Perspective of Food, the role of spices health and healing

– How food affects mental health

– Ayurvedic Perspective on Current Dietary trends

– Western Herbs from an Ayurvedic Perspective

– Food and nutrition for different life stages like pregnancy, childhood etc

Photo credit: Ayurveda Association Canada (AAC)


Acupuncture & Traditional Medicine Conference

Theme: Evolution of Indigenous Therapy for Future Success

  • August 27-29, 2018
  • Conference highlights:

rita minassian traditonalmedicine-global-2018-program



  •  2017

Readings_ do you remember the time event london _ Rita Minassian

“Do you remember the time?” Readings and healing sessions in LONDON – UK

  • When? August 23 – 26 2017
  • Where?

 Kensington – Central London. All the details will be given in your booking confirmation by email.

Make the most of this powerful New Moon in Leo combined to an Eclipse period, and Mercury retrograde to dig deeper in your Soul journey with a karmic reading and healing session. Are you stuck in your present life? Are you interested to move forward and live the past behind? Or maybe you simply wish to tap in the wisdom of your Soul experience and use it in the “here and now”, in a current situation? Then, this event is what you need.

  • How to Book An Appointment?

Send your appointment request now with your date preference via the Contact Page , please select “Do you remember the time?” event.

We will do our best to content everyone but please note that whether for a reading, an astrology or healing session, appointments will be given on a “first arrived, first served” basis.

past life readings_rita minassian



  •  2016


Readings and healing sessions in LONDON – UK

  • When? 2 dates to note: April 11th – 18th 2016,  November 7th – 13th 2016.
  • Where? South Kensington – Central London. Please note that the details will be given to you in your booking confirmation email.

south kensington map London

  • How to Book An Appointment?

Whether for a psychic reading, astrology r a healing session, you’re invited to send your appointment request via the form on our Contact Page .