Individual Coaching

Through an intuitive Energy field scanning* our individual Mind-Body-Spirit sessions aim to unblock crystalized situation in your private or professional life by shredding light on the root problem.

During these 75 to 90 minute one-to-one consultations, information from the past, present and the future will be provided. The reading is actually beyond the notion of time itself: synchronicities will starts at the moment your appointment is booked, with lasting positive effects long after the session.

Old patterns, ancestral heritage, a lack of harmony in daily lifestyle can create energetic blockages. Each session provides a core energy balance to “detox” the system, giving a boost to a weak metabolism and calming down those over-exposed to stress. A flowing movement of the «Prana» or «Chi» as referred to in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, is essential to our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.   

It is not necessary to provide any information about yourself before your session. With a benevolent neutrality and good amount of intuition,  you will be given precise information about the topics you’d like to work on.

If needed, our expertise includes counseling on various natural therapies adapted to your individual needs.

We independently work with the best international laboratories, and only use clinically tested evidence-based integrative medicine supplements.

Fields of expertise:

  • One-to-one holistic and integrative healing **: Aura & Chakras reading, energy bodies balancing
  • Individual coaching for change management and leadership skills improvement
  • Genealogy & DNA work (phobias, chronic pains, family secrets, repetitive toxic patterns…)
  • Holistic health & lifestyle counseling (integrative medicine, Ayurveda, functional food …)
  • Mindfulness techniques to see your true passion more clearly and let emerge your full potential
  • Clear your limiting beliefs and thought-forms in order to find your unique individual story
  • Regression
  • Lifestyle and Stress management 
  • Follow up sessions

Additional benefits of the sessions:

  • Reduce stress, improve the quality of your sleep and increase your energy level
  • Boost the energy level of apathetic or depressed individuals
  • Provide emotional clearing
  • Shift the energy around deeply rooted behaviors
  • Transform victimization patterns to unlock your personal power and ability to focus
  • Pain management **
  • Stimulate your self-healing ability, physically and emotionally
  • Teach you to protect your energy and keep your vibratory frequency as high as possible in challenging life circumstances.

Whether you are overcoming a relationship or a career change, making a new business decision, seeking advice regarding your health or you simply wish to have more clarity about what’s coming next for you, Rita will see you there.  

For the past 18 years, individual sessions have been provided to a diversity of global clients, whether they’re C-suites of listed international companies, politicians, therapists, entrepreneurs and anyone on the journey of self-discovery. All spiritual backgrounds are respected: we welcome religious, spirituals and atheists equally.

Please note that confidentiality and trust are highly valued by Rita and her clients, therefore, testimonials are never asked and shared on this website or on social media.

Everyone’s path is unique, book an appointment to discover yours. 

* Energy centers and electromagnetic field, no touching or electronic device used
**Please note the sessions do not replace a medical diagnostic whatsoever. Visit our Code of ethics