. Uranus in Taurus May 2018-2026 (Part I): The Shake In Values

« The following article’s goal is not to give a personal political or economical point of view, but an analysis of socio-economic events regarding the current planetary transits and how they can be connected to historical events which happened under similar astrological influences in the past. Therefore, it does not constitute any financial advice whatsoever, but an opinion based on astrological algorithms and probabilities. »


One of the most common interpretation to explain Uranus’s quality in astrology is: “expect the unexpected”… as a student in astrology, you immediately think how it is possible to use this explanation in sessions during which people expect precise information?… The energy of Uranus is erratic, disruptive, rebellious and totally out of the box, for better or worse, very often both at the same time as Uranus represents the archetype of the Genius or the Fool.

May 2018 will witness a major shift of sign for Uranus when it will leave the sign of Aries after spending 7 years there to enter Taurus, the sign of the bull. What shall we expect from this shift on an individual and collective point of view? What type of changes are we going to witness during the next 7 years, when the planet of instability (Uranus) will settle in the fixed sign of stability (Taurus)?

– Uranus in Aries: The “What about me?” times

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Before getting to the core topic, here are a few examples of how Uranus previously in the sign of Aries manifested in the world so far, from June 2010 when it starts its tour it that sign. Aries is a sign ruled by Mars, symbol of war, anger and blow ups (for the hard aspects). On a societal point of view, the Arab Spring brought an unprecedented series of revolutions and shook the Arab world. Let’s mention here the influence of the Uranus-Pluto tense aspect (90° square) also present during the French Revolution when people would ask for more “liberty, equality, fraternity”, 3 typical Uranian themes. It goes without saying that the series of unprecedented terror attacks in France happen under this strong martian influence as well.

Along with the transformation in the heavy industry/political world operated by bulldozer Pluto in Capricorn since the financial crises of 2008 (death and rebirth, reconstruction, revealing hidden agendas, trend until March 2023), 2 other Martian themes are also the car industry and sports. The tense aspects between all these planets brought also the Volkswagen and the FIFA corruption scandal into the light. In Japan, the explosion of Fukushima power plant, which created a several week threat for the entire planet, is another good example for the entrance of the rebel in a sign representing violence (among other symbols).

On a lighter note, Mars is all about “me first”, with new technologies/ electronic oriented avant-garde Uranus, the boom of “selfies” overwhelming the social medias makes total sense.

– Taurus or The bull as symbol of abundance

From the powerful Minotaur in Greek mythology, to Apis in ancient Egypt, or the Gallic God Tarvos Triganaros, this solid animal has always been a representation of power, solidity, fertility and abundance. Later, before the industrial revolution, in a more rural economic model, bulls were widely used for trading as well. This symbol has such a powerful imprint in the collective consciousness that today, a sculpture of a bull can be seen in front of Wall Street, temple of capitalism.

As an Earth sign, Taurus is ruled by Venus and represents values. On a practical point of view, it is about assets, material possessions, capital, properties, art, all type of belongings which bring stability and security including basic needs like food. But it is also about values and a notion of comfort on the more subjective sense of the term.

– History as a witness: Same old, but different…

The concept of time is cyclic in astrology, therefore, similar transits bring similar events through time. The last time Uranus entered the sign of Taurus was between 1935 to 1942 (with a short retrograde period back into Aries), during the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II, following the 1929 crash. In that context, it is understandable that the Taurean themes were brought to the front. The collapse of the real estate market, the devaluation of currencies, the food and beverages shortage and the use of ration cards, the art market and the countless stories of families and even museums deprived from their art by the nazis, were all part of the nightmare faced by people during WWII. The start of the Spanish civil war (1936 to 1939) also falls under this influence.

On a constructive note, in France, the change of status of the Banque de France gave access to every shareholders to participate to general assemblies, the 2 week paid vacation were all voted during the last transit of Uranus in Taurus (June-July 1935), bringing more comfort to people, integrating them into the decision making process of society. It’s at the price of months of strikes and demonstrations from the “Front populaire”, the French left-winged movement that the “Matignon agreements” was signed in 1936, one of the cornerstone of social rights in France. In the USA, the social security act came into effect during that period of time as well.

– Back to the future: The markets and the industries 2018

On December 29th 2017, the closing bell resonated in an over-excited atmosphere in Wall Street, closing the year with the NASDAQ, the DOW and the CAC 40 rising respectively 30, 25 and 10% for 2017. Today, it’s no secret that some company shares are over-rated, the same phenomena can be observed in the art market, creating artificial “bubbles” (450 Million Dollars for a supposed Da Vinci sold recently by Christie’s New York…). The property values in some cities like London, New York or Sydney for example sounds insane. During the next 7 years, we can expect a regulation of the prices in those specific areas of our economy, for a more balanced and relevant assessment, giving access to more comfort (a very Taurus theme indeed) to people in terms of housing price for example.

In the food industry, we can expect some new sanitary scandals to be revealed. As far as France is concerned, this astrology influence is already putting pressure on LACTALIS, first dairy product supplier in the world, urging the group to explain why they kept selling contaminated baby powdered milk. Another possibility when it comes to food is that commodities like wheat, coffee or cocoa may be subject to major fluctuations in the markets.

Trickster Uranus is all about originality and avant-garde, hand in hand with major planets in the sign of Capricorn (institutions, corporate and political world, big industries) we will for sure see the system be transformed. New form of money may appear, AMAZON may decide to launch its own crypto-currency and put traditional banks into uncomfortable position. Unusual form of trading may appear; VALCAMBI gold money may gain the trust of people who don’t want to “put all their eggs in the same basket”. In a few years, we may even think how we could live without this form of trading before… As I’m writing those lines, KODAK has just announced the launch of their own crypto-currency, the “KodakCoin“. In 7 year time, we may all wonder how we could live without this type of trading before…

Just like soft commodities, we can expect major fluctuations in hard commodities like oil.

Paired with Jupiter in Scorpio and a New Moon with enhanced Venusian influence exact on May 15th, the notion of partnership pattern and shared resources will also be brought to the front and scrutinized by “amplifier” Jupiter, both in business and private relationships (taxations, mortgages, pension forms, inheritance, alimony in divorce case, stock market shares, life insurance, shared properties as a few examples…). In the US and in France, new forms of taxations are already appearing, the planetary influence is already palpable.

During the next 7 years, the key word to cross the transit of «surprise a minute» Uranus in a fix sign, and a great deal of planets influencing our mundane world, individually and collectively, will definitely be «flexibility»… The more open we will be to go with the flow and release our outdated of thinking pattern, the better we will surf on the waves of the changes coming our way, in the form of surprise enlightenment and meaningful synchronicities.

If finances will look like « bull or bear » for you, if Uranus’s shift will rise up our income or bring losses (or both at the same time) will of course depend on where the ingress (entrance) of Uranus falls in our personal birth chart and which natal placements it aspects. In all case, our core values and financial outlook will see drastic changes: what gives us a sense of comfort? Is it the amount of money on a bank account? Owning a house? Or the security of a loving and nurturing relationship? Our true needs will be questioned and re-evaluate. In all case, Uranus will set us free from our chains.

Uranus in Taurus Part II : The Feminist Aspect

For precise analysis of how the transit of Uranus in Taurus will affect you, Book an appointment with Rita .


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