Code of Ethics

  • Confidentiality

I consider sessions with my clients as sacred and highly value their privacy. Therefore, I hold all communication with them in complete confidence (except in life threatening situation) and never publish any testimonials or give examples from sessions in my articles that could put one of them in embarassing position.

As a Jungian therapist, I’m committed to apply article 226-13 of the French penal code concerning professional secrecy, as well as the code of ethics of the association of psychologists articles 2.4 and 3.3 on the obligation of secrecy and the best interest of patients.

  • Integrity

I always maintain a professional relationship with my clients and will never abuse their trust. I commit myself not to connect anyone, a client or a third party, without the consent of the person implied if there’s no direct impact in my client’s life. For this reason, I will never do any reading on children of my clients if they’re adults over 18 year’s old, in order to respect their total free will as grown up adults.

  • Personal power

During the sessions, a spiritual guidance is provided to my clients, nevertheless, I will always respect their free will and personal power to use these informations according to their opinion and needs. I will strive to always support my clients to connect their personal power, to develop their own sense of discrimination and respect their needs in the “here and now”.

  • Healing

Whether with psychological astrology counseling or energy balance during a psychic reading, I consider myself as a conduit to provide a healing to my clients and help them to bring back harmony and balance in their persona and life. However, these sessions do not pretend to replace a medical diagnosis or treatment whatsoever. If required, I will always encourage my clients to seek appropriate expertise.

Please note that all information provided on this website likewise the content of our sessions are independent of any religious belonging, sects, political and economic organizations or similar.