Code of Ethics

  • Confidentiality

We consider sessions with my clients as sacred and highly value their privacy. Therefore, we hold all communication with them in complete confidenciality (except in life threatening situation) and never publish any testimonials or provide examples from sessions in published articles.

As a Jungian therapist, we are committed to apply article 226-13 of the French penal code concerning professional secrecy, as well as the code of ethics of the association of psychologists articles 2.4 and 3.3 on the obligation of secrecy and the best interest of patients.

  • Integrity

We’re committed to always maintain a professional relationship with clients and patients, and never abuse their trust.

We’re committed to provide quality, empathetic patient oriented holistic healing.

Consultations for children under 18 year old can be done only upon parental request.

  • Personal power

During the sessions, guidance is provided to clients, nevertheless, we will always respect their free will to use these informations according to their opinion and needs. we will always support clients and patients in connecting their personal power, to develop their own sense of discernment and respect their choice.

  • Healing

Whether in psychological counseling, energy work or Ayurvedic lifestyle guidance, we are committed to provide optimum healing to my clients and patients to bring back harmony and balance in their persona and life. However, these sessions do not pretend to replace a medical diagnosis or treatment whatsoever. When necessary, we always encourage patients to seek appropriate medical expertise with a physician.

  • General information

Please note that as an independent therapist, all information provided during our sessions or on this website are independent of any religious group, spiritual or political organizations belonging or similar.