. Uranus In Taurus, May 2018 – April 2026 (Part II): The Feminist Aspect

It’s Interesting to see that recently, the “Fearless girl”, a female character was put just in front of this charging massive bull that we talked about in Part I of this article, for this is in my opinion the best way to represent Uranus entering Taurus, as a “Venusian revolution”, the waking up of female voice in the world, and specifically in the corporate world. If the inscription previously put under the sculpture was removed (“Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference”) do not expect the female voice to keep quite… some “we’re worth it” feminist claims may rise more than ever: equality will be asked to rebalance the gender pay gap, groups of women may decide to create industries where they would hire only women, or we may even see new forms of banks made only for women. It seems always impossible until someone do it…

The cosmetic industry may find revolutionary beauty products, use avant-garde techniques to produce them. They will certainly have to totally change approach for a more ethical behavior toward animal testing for example. A very Taurus theme is also massage therapies: the occidental approach of massage may start to integrate its healing aspect like in Chinese medicine or Ayurveda. Social security or private insurances may recognize them as medical acts and reimburse sessions with a professional therapist for example etc… the list of possibilities is long.

Photo credit ©Le Figaro

 Jupiter in Scorpio (sign of sexuality) has already brought to the front the problem of sexual harassment with the Weinstein scandal shaking the movie industry just 24 hours the planetary shift. From May to November 2018, questions related to women’s sexual freedom and the notion of pleasure (a fully Taurean theme), their rights on their body will be highlighted and may be even considered to be taught at school.

The recent statement of Melinda Gates “A New Era for Women”, perfectly illustrates the need for our society to balance male/ female energies and to integrate more respect and equality in society. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama goes even beyond, in 2009 at the Peace Conference in Canada he stated that “the world will be saved by western women”…This is not about the “strong women” concept, the challenge here is going to be how we will respond individually and collectively to letting the voice of the Sacred Feminine speaks its truth in a Venusian manner, without falling once again in a sterile sex battle that will only enhance the existing split between men and women in the collective psyche. I’m not dwelling in the topic here as I will develop it in a separate cover coming up soon, stay connected.

During the next 7 years, the key word to cross the transit of « surprise a minute » Uranus in a fix sign, and a great deal of planets influencing our mundane world, individually and collectively, will definitely be « flexibility »… The more open we will be to go with the flow and release our outdated of thinking pattern, the better we will surf on the waves of the changes coming our way, in the form of surprise enlightenment and meaningful synchronicities.

If finances will look like « bull or bear » for you, if Uranus’s shift will rise up our income or bring losses (or both at the same time) will of course depend on where the ingress (entrance) of Uranus falls in our personal birth chart and which natal placements it aspects. In all case, our core values and financial outlook will see drastic changes: what gives us a sense of comfort? Is it the amount of money on a bank account? Owning a house? Or the security of a loving and nurturing relationship? Our true needs will be questioned and re-evaluted. In all case, Uranus will set us free from our chains.

For precise analysis of how the transit of Uranus in the constellation of Taurus will affect you, Book an appointment.

*Note from the author on December 2022: as we have reached the end of the year, the debate on abortion right, the Iran revolution initiated by women and the controversy on gender topic tangibly illustrate the statements posted in this article. 


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