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Rita Minassian Space Energy Balance

The walls have a Soul that is the result of all those who loved them.” Paul Cézanne

Whether you follow the “Compass school” or the “Landscape school” in your use of Feng Shui, this Chinese ancient tradition can quickly become challenging to apply in occidental countries. While some basic tools are beneficial for energy flow and harmony, other ones, involving the architecture of our homes and workplaces are sometimes just impossible to adapt to existing environments or to nowadays lifestyle.

Bring Mindfulness To Your Daily Environment

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Our unique method combines ancient wisdom (harmony of the 5 elements based and the concept of TAO), modern tools and above all, our sensitivity to the surrounding space, aims to bring back harmony and flow to places where energetic chaos may sometimes overtake. This can happen for very various reasons from simple clutter to the history of the building/land, or the influence of the inhabitants, their ancestors etc…

When the energy is out of alignment in a living space or workplace, we can feel drained or overwhelmed by stress. Some people are more sensitive and aware of this while a lot of people go on living their daily routine, victim of chronic fatigue or burn outs. This daily «dis-ease»  may even turn into a «disease» in their energy and physical body without seemingly rational explanation.

Creating a healthy place to live and work on a daily basis is specially important if your household or practice includes young children. No doubt the 2020 pandemic pointed out the need for a harmonious interior.

Feeling good at home or at your workplace means bringing in mindfulness and adapt it fully to your holistic lifestyle. A space designed for all that you like to do and for the friends and collaborators with whom you share your time. When your interior looks like you, both on the physical and the energy levels, life becomes immediately easier, energy blocks are dissolved, physical and emotional issues can heal.


We inspire and implement

The changes made in your private sanctuary are as individual as you are, when working on your inner and outer osmosis, we love a sense of uniqueness and originality and try to never use  the same remodeling design suggestions twice. A special attention is given to the architecture as well, we commit to give you practical solutions, immediately applicable with respect to the budget defined together at the beginning of the project.

Let’s talk about it! If you wish to book an appointment at your workplace, at home, in a medical practice or a SPA you would like to upgrade, let us know via our contact page.

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The Space Energy Balance © method consists in:

  • Bringing back harmony in your environment with energetic home staging and interior design  recommendations
  • Helping you create a stress-free environment
  • Boosting the energy of a sluggish place with bespoke energy/ spiritual tools
  • Bringing back peace and quite to a stressfull workplace or private environment by neutralizing the source of the stress in the physical or ethereal imprint present in the place
  • Optimizing the space of a medical practice, a wellness center or a SPA to maximize the benefits of the treatments provided to customers and patients
  • Bringing more mindfulness in the hospitality business with new designing standards, suiting to customers need of a meaningful experience
  • Training people to be more aware in order to set a lasting balance in the place: the success of the newly set balance depends also upon each ones responsibility to maintain a healthy vibratory frequency in the place on the long run, we are responsable for the energy we bring into a room, a home, an office…


Fields of expertise:

  • Traditional and modern geobiology
  • Telluric acupuncture
  • Lithotherapy, chromotherapy
  • Antique and contemporary art consultancy

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