Happy New Year 2023

A lot can change in one year… Unbelievably grateful for all the beautiful Souls who trusted me for their holistic well-being and Soul searching in 2022, individually and in group. . So grateful as well for everything that I learned through providing support to all the conscious decision makers I met, for teaching is also … More Happy New Year 2023

Joining Ayurveda Mantra Magazine Publications

On this International Ayurveda Day, I’m thrilled to announce that I am joining the Ayurveda Mantra Magazine family as co-editor for French publications. This partnership crowns my passion for Ayurvedic medicine discovered during my first trip to India in 2005 and the holistic “science of life” that results from it.   Traditional medicine, Yoga, meditation, … More Joining Ayurveda Mantra Magazine Publications

. Out now: “From Fear to Freedom” in Ladies Drive Magazine

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m part of the Summer issue of Ladies Drive Magazine in the “People with Drive” column. This special 50th issue, with articles in German and English, focuses on our post-Covid private and business life. In this article, I’m sharing with you 10 holistic tools to shift “From Fear to Freedom” by tapping in your … More . Out now: “From Fear to Freedom” in Ladies Drive Magazine

. Nous Prenons Soin De Vous, We Care For You…

Nous prenons soin de vous… Nous espérons que vous avez pris soin de votre santé physique et mentale en ces temps de transformation personnelle et sociétale. Nous sommes heureux de vous accueillir à nouveau après ce long confinement qui, nous l’espérons, à été néanmoins productif pour votre avancée personnelle. Si par le passé nous utilisions déjà … More . Nous Prenons Soin De Vous, We Care For You…

. “Et si on allait mieux?” Interview Radio BTLV

Bonjour a tout les francophones, Comment allez-vous par ces temps de confinement?… Je l’ai répété bien souvent par le passé et plus encore ces dernières semaines dans mes articles sur “Rita’s Spiritual Blog” (disponible en Français via Google traduction directement sur mon site web) et sur les réseaux sociaux: au delà de la peur du … More . “Et si on allait mieux?” Interview Radio BTLV

. Supporting Gaia Global Meditation

From April 4th to Sunday April 5th, we will experience the first exact conjunction of Jupiter (expansion of consciousness, higher vision, abundance) and Pluto (death and rebirth, transmutation, restructuring) in the sign Capricorn at 4.45 am GMT (the next dates to note: beginning of July and Mid-November 2020). This encounter between these 2 power planets … More . Supporting Gaia Global Meditation

. Pandemic 2020: When The Only Way Out Is In

In one-to-one sessions and updates via my blog and social medias, I regularly share intuitive information for the year ahead, based on my experience as a medium and Jungian psychological astrologer, to provide a practical guidance to help people to make conscious decisions and implement constructive changes. « Vision- Guidance- Implementation » was precisely my … More . Pandemic 2020: When The Only Way Out Is In

. Out Now: My Latest Article Published in “Ladies Drive Magazine”

I’m thrilled to announce to my German speaking readers that I’m featured in “Ladies Drive Magazine” Fall issue, my media partner distributed in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In this article called “Gedanken bernhigen, Herz und Kopf verbinden“, I’m sharing an easy 5-step meditation technique. From Main Street to Wall Street, everyone can use this tool … More . Out Now: My Latest Article Published in “Ladies Drive Magazine”

. Le Féminin Sacré (Interview )

Extrait de l’interview de Rita Minassian sur le Féminin Sacré, propos recueillis par Delphine Dos Santos, photographe et fondatrice du Studio Mademoiselle Glamour . ( Google translation available on the sidebar) *** Delphine Dos Santos: Bonjour à toutes et à tous nous avons le plaisir d’être accueilli par Rita Minassian aujourd’hui à Lyon, sur cette belle colline … More . Le Féminin Sacré (Interview )

The Months Ahead : Transform Roadblocks Into Stepping Stones

As we have reached the last day of February which happens to be a leap year day this year, we are preparing to enter one of the most intense month of 2016. I’ve been sharing this insight with clients since end of 2015 when I got an overview of the calendar for the year to come. … More The Months Ahead : Transform Roadblocks Into Stepping Stones

You’re Most Welcome To Thrive!…

Spring is back in the Northern hemisphere and stimulates our need for renewal and fresh starts after, well, a demanding winter, energetically talking… “Time to wake up” says Mother Nature… I would like to share a very inspirational movie with you today, created by Foster Gamble and his wife Kimberly, who have in my opinion remarkably managed to describe how to use … More You’re Most Welcome To Thrive!…

You Are the Creator of Your Reality

I absolutly love this article by Carmen Honacker published on “California psychics” website in January 2011. Thought to share it with you all. The subject might seem obvious for many of us who work in the spiritual field or in personal development, but  it’s good to have a little reminder from time to time… *******************  Sometimes we get stuck in … More You Are the Creator of Your Reality