. Le Féminin Sacré (Interview – 1ère partie)

Extrait de l’interview de Rita Minassian sur le Féminin Sacré, propos recueillis par Delphine Dos Santos pour “Le Cercle des Déesses”. ( For foreign followers of this blog, you can read this article in your language using the Google translate button in the sidebar.) *** Delphine Dos Santos: Bonjour à toutes et à tous nous avons … More . Le Féminin Sacré (Interview – 1ère partie)

The Months Ahead : Transform Roadblocks Into Stepping Stones

As we have reached the last day of February which happens to be a leap year day this year, we are preparing to enter one of the most intense month of 2016. I’ve been sharing this insight with clients since end of 2015 when I got an overview of the calendar for the year to come. … More The Months Ahead : Transform Roadblocks Into Stepping Stones

You’re Most Welcome To Thrive!…

Spring is back in the Northern hemisphere and stimulates our need for renewal and fresh starts after, well, a demanding winter, energetically talking… “Time to wake up” says Mother Nature… I would like to share a very inspirational movie with you today, created by Foster Gamble and his wife Kimberly, who have in my opinion remarkably managed to describe how to use … More You’re Most Welcome To Thrive!…

Saturn in Scorpio: Keeping Your Center in the New World Paradigm

*Nota: Many readers reported missed the tips and tools given after this article, please scroll down to the bottom of the post, after Henley’s poetry. Fall has settled with its beautiful golden and copper colours in the Northern hemisphere whereas nature is back to life in the Southern hemisphere where Spring has arrived. Here we … More Saturn in Scorpio: Keeping Your Center in the New World Paradigm

You Are the Creator of Your Reality

I absolutly love this article by Carmen Honacker published on “California psychics” website in January 2011. Thought to share it with you all. The subject might seem obvious for many of us who work in the spiritual field or in personal development, but  it’s good to have a little reminder from time to time… *******************  Sometimes we get stuck in … More You Are the Creator of Your Reality

6th Sense: Gifted Children And Their “Imaginary” friends

It is a very common thing for me as a psychic medium, to hear parents telling stories about their children talking with their “imaginary friends”. These manifestations can happen in various ways; they see strangers or family members who have passed away talking to them in the living room, helping them to find an item they … More 6th Sense: Gifted Children And Their “Imaginary” friends

What Is Reality?

Very often in the past,  clients who would come for a consultation for the first time would start our session always asking the same question: Am I loosing it?… This question found an echo within me, the “me” who was in the same questioning many many years ago… I hear you wondering, crazy about what? … More What Is Reality?

Chakras: The Pathway to Enlightenment

The chakras energy centers, a Sanskrit word for « wheel » or « disk », are the keys to reach Enlightenment. Through their meaning, colors, symbols, we can embrace the whole history of humanity starting from its root toward its supreme realization we’re all walking toward. The Mulhadara chakra (or root chakra) located at the base of the spine is … More Chakras: The Pathway to Enlightenment