. Pandemic 2020: When The Only Way Out Is In

In one-to-one sessions and updates via my blog and social medias, I regularly share intuitive information for the year ahead, based on my experience as a medium and Jungian psychological astrologer, to provide a practical guidance to help people to make conscious decisions and implement constructive changes. « Vision- Guidance- Implementation » was precisely my … More . Pandemic 2020: When The Only Way Out Is In

. Mercury retrograde: Inspiration and Illusion

We are entering a pretty busy time of the year astrologically speaking. Along with revolutionary Uranus entering Taurus for 7 years on March 6th, Mercury’s first retrograde period in the constellation of Pisces is also starting today, conjoint to the New Moon in the same sign tomorrow. Then later in the month, the planet of communications and travels will pair … More . Mercury retrograde: Inspiration and Illusion