. An Equinox of Uniting the Opposites

No matter if you live in the Northern or the Southern hemisphere, we’ve reached the Equinox, that time of the year when day and night are equal, a perfect harmony between light and dark. Along with this yearly natural seasonal cycle, we’re also experiencing a rare phenomenon: the last Supermoon of 2019, a Full Moon, will occur a few hours after the Equinox on the Aries-Libra axis, which marks also the beginning of a new astrological year and Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

What does this exactly mean in a practical point of view?
It’s time to fully leave behind the drama of the past 6 months (since the winter Solstice), to reset and find balance between our masculine polarity (Aries-Mars) and our feminine polarity (Libra-Venus).

Expect a fresh start in your life and specially in the area of personal and professional relationships: at this point, we all need to see things with a fresh perspective and maybe even change approach. During the next 2 weeks, it’s all about finding the midway between the « Me » and the « We ».

The challenge will be to channel the firy burst of energy unleashed by our ego without falling into constant pathetic compromise. To use diplomacy without falling into the « disease to please » everyone, to address your needs but to take also into account the feelings of others.

Whether with a partner/ business partners, associates, colleagues or staff, today’s Equinox and Supermoon are powerful portals to align our « go-getter » impulsive personality with our compassionate, empathetic personality will open doors within and bring more harmony in our partnerships.

Keywords: self-care, self-respect, entrepreneurship, target, heart-based leadership, diplomacy, parity, equanimity, harmony, midway, inspiration, compassion, respect, Yin-Yang / Anima-Animus balance, rebirth.

Tip of the day: if you are a yoga practitioner, you can perform both Salute to the Sun (Surya Namaskar) then balance it with Salute to the Moon (Chandra Namaskar).

May this Equinox help you find harmony between your shadow and your inner bright Light.

Copyright ©Rita MINASSIAN

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