Happy New Year 2023

A lot can change in one year… Unbelievably grateful for all the beautiful Souls who trusted me for their holistic well-being and Soul searching in 2022, individually and in group. . So grateful as well for everything that I learned through providing support to all the conscious decision makers I met, for teaching is also … More Happy New Year 2023

Bridging The Divide

Since the recent events between Israel in the Gaza strip occured, I’m receiving several emails calling to boycott or to sign petitions to support one side or another. I feel very sad that even people who believe and work for Peace are falling in the trap of a dual approach of these events. If we … More Bridging The Divide

6th Sense: Gifted Children And Their “Imaginary” friends

It is a very common thing for me as a psychic medium, to hear parents telling stories about their children talking with their “imaginary friends”. These manifestations can happen in various ways; they see strangers or family members who have passed away talking to them in the living room, helping them to find an item they … More 6th Sense: Gifted Children And Their “Imaginary” friends