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Rita Minassian is a natural-born intuit, a holistic therapist and Jungian psychoanalyst. She is the founder of the Akasha Institute dedicated to support individual’s wellbeing and unlock their intuitive skills and full potential. She is the author of «Rita’s Spiritual Blog», a comprehensive “out of the box” blog dedicated to exploring topics about energy work, spiritual sciences, holistic lifestyle and mindful living. Her expertise on Mind-Body-Soul wellbeing and the effect of collective consciousness on the individual psyche is based on over 3 decades of research.

Rita provides one-to-one sessions globally and organizes mindfulness, personal development workshops and retreats for corporate associates. Consultations are provided online as well with equal efficiency.

Additional to her blog, Rita is a contributor for several international business and lifestyle magazines and co-editor of AyurvedaMantra Magazine dedicated to mindful living, Yoga and Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine recognized by the World Health Organization).

Individual sessions and workshops are provided beyond any religious belief or group belonging.

Rita’s Journey

Dambulla, Sri Lanka ©Rita Minassian

Natural born intuit, Rita MINASSIAN grew up in France. She started to use her clairvoyance at the age of 5, unknowingly.

Through time, Rita increasingly connected the non physical  without sharing her daily life experience with her family, assuming they are equal for everyone. As a teenager, the books of Victor Hugo and Allan KARDEC and later, Dr MOODY and Dr KUBLER-ROSS’s on NDE (Near Death Experience), opened a world of new possibilities, validating her perceptions of a reality which included precognition or lucid dreaming.

In 2000, it was tie for university and the study of traditional and far Eastern philosophies. After a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business management, and a University degree in history of arts, she built her professional career in corporate and industrial companies (please check LinkedIn profile).

In 2002, she decided to merge her skills and her love of art to work as a PR and global communication manager. Her intuitive abilities naturally led her to provide intuitive information to her coworkers. At first, it seemed challenging to interact with people evolving in “practical” spheres. But people would actually be very open to share their own experience with the subtle realms.

In 2005, she realized then that her true calling was to merge her intuitive skills and her professional life.

She started to provide consultations on a professional basis and founded the AKASHA INSTITUTE in France, an organization dedicated to explore spiritual sciences, facilitate the improvement of people’s extra-sensorial perceptions, promote holistic living and mindfulness, way before it became trendy. Rita strongly believes everyone is intuitive by nature. Through time, her sensitivity to the surrounding space and to what she calls the «memory of the walls», motivated her to connect to her inner compass and create a unique method of interior design, the Space Energy Balance © technique.

Her multicultural background and her globetrotter nature have opened possibilities to acquire a vast knowledge of various cultures, to a better understanding of human psychology, other traditions and beliefs. From the USA to Australia, her spiritual journey brought her in mystical places where she experienced holistic medicine: China, South East Asia (where she lived for 2 years) and India where she organized several group retreats after experiencing Ayurveda with King’s Charles personal homeopath, Dr Isaac MATHAÏ (SOUKYA Ayurvedic center). Reconnecting her sacred feminine energy took her to Armenia, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Iran where she discovered the Zoroastrian culture.

In 2009, during her 3rd trip to India and after an amazing serie of synchronicities, she had the opportunity to follow the teachings of His Holiness the 14th DalaÏ Lama during an initiatory travel to Dharamsala-Himalayas, where his Holiness resides. The topic of the teachings, “Competition and Compassion”, became a landmark in her coachings.

The same year, after experiencing an outstanding accurate analysis of her astrological birth chart by a wise 80 years old buddhist astrologer in Paris, educated herself by her Doctor and astrologer father, she decided to learn the language of the stars. Both Jungian psychological and humanistic approaches are part of her training in France, Switzerland and London at the Center for Psychological Astrology (CPA), founded by renown Jungian analyst Liz GREENE.

Based on her deep interest of the latest research in neurosciences and  quantum physics, particularly HEISENBERG’s work, such as contemporary physicists like Rupert SHELDRAKE, Michio KAKU and Philippe GUILLEMANT, she believes microcosm and macrocosm are intertwined and evolve in an ongoing growth process that science will completely unveil one day.

Her core philosophy of life is to apply Mahatma Gandhi’s saying and “Be the change you want to see in the world ”. When the phenomenon of “projection” is understood, it ultimately leads everyone to be their own master and co-create the reality they crave for, for themselves and for humanity at large, as we’re all interconnected.

Rita is known for her down to earth approach with an acute sensitivity to world events. She is the author of Rita’s Spiritual Blog and writes for several international magazines. 

She provides individual consultations in Lyon-France, Zurich-Switzerland and online globally, as well as group sessions worldwide. For more information and press inquiries, you may contact her via the contact page.

Education: LinkedIn profile

2010Primordial Sound Meditation technique training with the Deepak Chopra center.  

2020: Certified therapist in Jungian psychology from the EPC (School of Clinical Psychology, France). Supervised by director and author Bénédicte UYTTENHOVE, renowned Jungian specialist in dream interpretation. Follow up education in analytical psychology with conferences at the CG JUNG INSTITUTE in Zurïch.

2020: Certified in Mind-Body health and holistic approach to treatment from The Knowledge Tree center Atlanta, Georgia

Rita has been a yoga practitioner since 2005 and a certified Reiki Usui master since 2006.

Fields of expertise:

  • Holistic therapist, health and lifestyle counseling 
  • Jungian psychology counseling
  • Psychogenealogy
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Meditation instructor
  • Space Energy Balance ©
  • Reiki trainer
  • Initiatory travel & retreat planning

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