. Pandemic 2020: When The Only Way Out Is In

In one-to-one sessions and updates via my blog and social medias, I regularly share intuitive information for the year ahead, based on my experience as a medium and Jungian psychological astrologer, to provide a practical guidance to help people to make conscious decisions and implement constructive changes. « Vision- Guidance- Implementation » was precisely my New Year wishes for 2020. A year not to ponder anymore but to take concrete actions. The current zeitgeist is surely pushing us to implement a new consciousness.

It certainly make things more easy to address in any situation when you invite more consciousness in your life. Recently, through demonstrations all over the world, a large part of the population urged for a societal change, for more consciousness, more ethics and inclusiveness, more empathy as well. Well guess what, We’re there…

The psychological view

On a Jungian psychological perspective, our society has been facing its Shadow for a while now and I defined 2019 to be a year of preparation before an unprecedented year 2020. With the new age movement, it’s common to hear people asking for initiations. It feels mystical. If once an initiation meant laying down inside a pyramid to receive a teaching or a form of enlightenment, things are different now: if in life we can live some mystical initiations indeed, the situation we’re currently going through is a major Initiation! A call for some alchemical work of deconstruction and reconstruction of our society. The « Solve-Coagula » in the ancient art of Alchemy, dissolution and re-densification.

In a recent interview for a French radio in Paris about my work as an intuit and Jungian therapist, I insisted about mental hygiene being as important as physical hygiene for our thoughts and feelings have an electromagnetic reality. We are responsable for our thoughts, and their impact on our own cells and health, but also on the reservoir of the collective unconscious of humanity, a big data base ongoingly filled up with our human experience and beliefs. Time has come not to just speak about the Law of attraction and synchronicities to follow a trend, it is time to direct our thoughts properly via this challenging initiation and apply the natural universal laws in the tangible world, in our daily life, to embody them.

With this global health crisis, the more we will be able to individually calm down, rationalize the situation and think we can positively get out of this in a constructive way, the more we will also help people in panic to raise their personal vibratory frequency as well. The theory of the 100th monkey perfectly picture what I mean: when a critical mass of people act in a specific way, they influence the members of their species who have not been given any information via any other physical channel. The butterfly effect happens from unconscious mind to unconscious mind.

I want to be clear though, no one can judge anyone: each one of us deal with the situation the way we can, with our own personal frame, emotional structure and ancestry story. If your ancestors died from a pandemic or suffered from starvation, and if you haven’t worked on those patterns consciously via a psychanalysis or through a spiritual work on your lineages like I do successfully with some clients, of course you’re going to rush to the closest pharmacy and empty the shelves of your supermarket!

I must say I don’t have any intuitive explanation for the panic over the lack of toilet paper yet …there must be a huge karmic issue behind this…

Just a joke, humour is a fantastic tool, use it abundantly to keep your spirit up!

The uncertainty we’re facing right now is requiring to balance our receptive-passive-creative qualities by accepting a potential long period of confinement and at the same time to be pro-active in the way we use our personal power by being more responsable, rational and for some of us by being the role model for people around us. I’m thinking of the children who share our lives: the way we respond to this situation is conditioning their reactions for the future challenges they will have to face in their lives at some point. It’s worth not to mess up.

Applying this balance within us is following the ancient philosophy of the Tao, the balance of our Yin and Yang qualities (male – female polarities), a major initiation individually that will affect the collective unconscious I was speaking about previously. We have this ability to live the reality we believe in, let’s make the most of it, consciously.

The economical aspect

The intuitive explanation I’m getting about the current economic and political slow down (France and the US are putting their election campaign on hold) and the financial crisis is that we, as a society, are going through a major computer reset: from time to time, we need to clean our computers by performing a disk defragmentation, during this process, this update, we cannot use the hardware anymore, the computer is reorganizing itself in order to create more space and upgrade. This disk defragmentation is most of the time performed when… there is a virus in the computer.

Another interesting question that this pandemic is bringing to the front is how do traders and regulators manage the risk? Obviously neither traders nor regulators are able to predict potential market crashes. On this point, I do share the vision of economist Nassim Nicholas Taleb who states that the current financial system doesn’t possess all relevant information, that small unknown variations in the data can have a huge impact, and flawed theories/models that are based on empirical data and that fail to consider events that have not taken place, but could have taken place. In one word, a more intuitive approach would be healthy to apply in risk management. A nano-scale virus had the ability to paralyze our entire world.

I will take things a bit further by stating that as intuits, we do have this predictive possibility. Combining intuitive abilities, astrological algorithms and synchronistic events through history, are formidable tools to give an outlook on the years ahead. This was precisely the purpose of my article posted in January 2018 « Uranus in Taurus, The Shake In Values », predicting the creation of new forms of money, the current recession similar to the one the world faced in 1929 and the tumble of oil price, leading today to the end of the industrial era.

No need to develop about the market crash and the tumble of oil price, we’re witnessing it everyday. As for new forms of money, I give a few examples in my article and can add an interesting recent example: in December 2019 France and several African countries announced the end of the CFA FRANC, a currency inherited from the colonial times to be replaced by a new currency common for Western Africa named ECO. A new form of money indeed, its parity with the EURO is currently under discussion.

This crisis is acting like a catalyst, an inevitable reset to optimize the way we want our system, our society to evolve. Continuing to create wealth no matter what, at all cost even by creating artificial speculative bubbles is not feasible anymore, there is a core reflection and implementation to be made on risk management, integrating a more intuitive approach and a better use of our ressources, in a more sustainable fashion to create wealth and share abundance. This pandemic can turn out to be a blessing in disguise to humanity.

A bit of astrology

I won’t get into an astrology jargon in order to keep my speech as clear as possible for everyone, I will just add that the current planetary transits which again work like algorithms, are dynamically urging us to deconstruct and to reconstruct our societal model on more genuine and fair basis. For some placements, it’s possible to go back to the creation of Babylon, the birth of a new civilization.

Others are inviting us to find a work-life balance, life taking over professional priorities (North Node being in the sign of Cancer symbolizes self-care, receptive/nurturing energies, home and matriarchy versus South Node in Capricorn which symbolizes ambitions, finance, politics, emissive energy, patriarchal societies). Homeworking is a perfect example of both qualities combined. The only way to transform the outer world was for it to be paralyzed and for all of us to turn our attention within.

Living the present moment

The other opportunities that this situation of lockdown is bringing to the forth is that life is not only about constantly Doing or Having, it is also about Being. Being here and now, in the present moment and reflect on topics that we would otherwise avoid, caught into the unstoppable spiral of “business as usual” life.

It’s an invitation to adopt healthy habits. Mental health has become a major topic lately, in the fast-paced society we’re living in, burn-outs have become an issue, the present slow living period of time is giving us the possibility to take more time for self-care even if we can’t rush to our favorite SPA’s for a pampering moment, we still do have possibilities to:

  • Get extra hours of sleep, extra time to meditate, practice Qi Gong and Yoga in the comfort of our home. Business time will be back at some point, we we’ll all get busy again with travelling, organizing and catching up with our professional obligations, attending postponed events.
  • Get ready for the rush: update your website, strategize to communicate with your clients and get more visibilty, take time to print extra business cards.
  • Eat consciously: supermarkets everywhere will continue to supply fresh food, prepare healthy food and eat meals consciously that will sustain your immune system. Keep your level of vitamins and oligo-elements optimum, add some Vitamin C and Zinc to your diet, upgrade your system!
  • Sound healing and music are wonderful ways to balance on a holistic level (Mind-Body-Soul) for they influence our mood and body cells directly without possibility for our mind to interfere. There are very good Youtubes playing high vibrational music. Listen to the ones that nourish your Soul. I highly recommend 528 Hrz to feed your heart plexus (Heart Chakra). High frequencies will help you dissolve anxiety and fear, to feel more at peace.
  • Level up: read inspirational books, enroll to this online class you never had time for, download an app to learn a new language: when things get back to normal we may want to support the economy of the countries which suffered most and travel in there to support them. A foreign language is always a beneficial extra skill.
  • Stay connected: human beings are social animals who do need to connect to each other.  Social distancing, not shaking hands, the lack of usual double cheek kisses to salute each other is hard…fight isolation, stay connected anyways, use technology to reach out to those you love via phone or video calls. Pay special care to those psychologically fragile.
  • If you have young ones at home, involve them in the process before they become uncontrollable monsters…Confinement is surely hard for their restless personalities: cook with them, initiate them to meditation and Yoga which is a more dynamic practice. High frequency music will do miracles on them! See the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with them, again, the exemple you show will become their reference some day.
  • Clean up your space: if sharing space with your spouse and family 24/7 becomes stressful, use the healing properties of crystals and smudging.
  • Shifting mindset is a must for a conscious living: energy goes where intention flows, focus on health instead of disease. Be intentional with the news you’re watching: at a certain point, if you are feeling anxiety rising, turn off TV, breathe deeply, focus on more constructive thoughts and occupations, keep your spirit up!

Remember, patience, kindness, love and enthusiasm are also highly contagious: we are all in this together, building a new civilization literally, we’re very lucky to live this pivotal times of human history, let’s make the most it. We’re seeing movement of solidarity and generosity all round the globe to show support to the countries most touched by the pandemic, scientist from different countries coming together to find a vaccine, let’s hope we will continue to support each others after the tragedy.

Stay safe, be well, you got this, we all got this as a global community who is living an unprecedented upgrade. Soon, we will be able to hug and socialize again, this is going to be very good.

Reminder: If this pandemic situation is bringing some anxiety around the future of your business or a difficulty for you to find a work-life balance, I’m offering complementary 20 minute sessions to provide you bespoke guidance and support, check out my “Healing The Virus of Fear Program“.

Copyright ©Rita MINASSIAN

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