The Months Ahead : Transform Roadblocks Into Stepping Stones


As we have reached the last day of February which happens to be a leap year day this year, we are preparing to enter one of the most intense month of 2016.

I’ve been sharing this insight with clients since end of 2015 when I got an overview of the calendar for the year to come. The first 3 months of 2016 were appearing to be pretty intense, specially January (what an intense start of the year we had !) such as March after a most welcome relief in February.

The astrological major transits in March confirm that the planetary alignments combined with the 2 eclipses on March 8th-9th (Solar eclipse on a New “super” Moon in extra-sensitive Pisces 18 degrees 56) and on March 23rd (Lunar eclipse on Full Moon in Libra 3 degrees 17). Considering also the transition brought to the mix with the Equinox on the 20th, this month promises to be a bumpy road for everyone, bringing deep psychological transformations, opportunities for growth and to healing of old wounds.

Everybody will feel the necessary changes that eclipses bring in a radical way in a specific area of their astrological birth chart. If you know your chart, have a look to the house where the eclipses will fall, this will indicates which theme(s) will be highlighted for you, where you will urge to make necessary changes. Whether you know this information or not, the most important is to remain centered in order to address the challenges with grace and find a solution to a toxic situation you may be carrying for a while. If your comfort zone has become not so comfortable anymore, the eclipses will likely pinpoint it, get you out of procrastination and show you the way to enter the new paradigm of your life…

What I strongly felt when I saw the 2016 calendar is that this will be also a year of great possibilities to co-create our reality according to our true Soul purpose. More than ever, there was a flexibility for the events to « morph » according to our inner state. So even if we’ll have to face challenging situations, our flexibility, acceptance and our capacity to visualize new possibilities would bring more peaceful outcomes and great rewards all through the second half of the year and beyond, as eclipses can influence events of life up to 6 months and even a year.

Some of my clients or therapist/ medium collegues, told me recently that they find more  difficult to define a timing for the events. I think one of the numerous reasons for this is the ability for people to become more conscious creators of their reality : with the paradigm shift we are experiencing on a collective level, free-will is more and more used by each one of us. Therefore, when and how events will unfold are adapting to our individual (and collective) consciously prioritized needs.

As I often say during individual sessions; awareness can take a few seconds, months or years, or may never occur… so it seems logical that our life direction is widely subjected to that crucial parameter. Recall the blue or red pill in « Matrix », we all do have choice, every minute of our life…

Thoughts – Intentions – Energy – Results

Now here are a few tips you can use during the months ahead.

calendar Every morning before addressing your mundane tasks, while you ‘re still in the comfort of your bed, take a few minutes to take a deep breath and with closed eyes send love to your day. Visualize yourself in complete contentment and happiness, throughout the day until the moment you’ll be back home. If you know already your agenda for the day, you may even visualize your appointments in a precise way with people you are supposed to meet, see the outcome of your exchanges or your negotiations with people, to be a « win-win » operation, each party shaking hands totally satisfied of the deal just sealed.

Another example : If you are supposed to have a medical procedure, visualize yourself and the whole medical team being perfectly efficient and professional. Visualize as much details as possible : a constant, stable electrocardiogram during the operation, the doctor showing you X rays after the procedure showing your perfect conditions. You may even see yourself giving the staff warm accolades to thank them before leaving the hospital with a big smile on your face.

You may even add sensations and emotions to your visualisation : sent the smells, hear the sounds surrounding you… The more precise the visualisation is, the more efficient the co-creation will be.

Beyond the positive attitude and relaxed state of mind these visualisation will bring, they will also change your brain waves, your vibratory frequency. You will then « technically » allow yourself to attract a reality that matches your new state of mind. So no magic whatsoever, just a permission given to yourself to experience electromagnetic shifts inside out, which means also a shift of your reality according to the law of attraction.

Fear or depression, are the lowest frequencies we can experience, so I strongly advice you to «saturate» yourself with constructive thoughts and surround yourself with positive supportive people: nobody needs emotional vampires… Observe your thoughts and transform a somber option to constructive possibilities, listen only to joyful music, visualize only happy family gatherings, a peaceful meeting with your boss or even a friendly divorce.

In one word, re-design your thinking, focus on positive inclusive outcomes and not on obsessive exclusive options. You are the master of your life, never give your personal power away and use your ability to co-create a fulfilling life for yourself.

With this attitude I do promise a rewarding period starting after Easter, with much rewards in term of growth and how to bring your dreams into fruition. June and specially September, seem to bring a grounding to radical changes when true Soul purpose will be embodied.

Wishing you a constructive month of co-creation!


Visualization can be applied also to a whole month (or the year ahead) during your meditation routine:

Sit comfortably with the spine erect (or lay down if the position feels better for you, making sure not to fall asleep :), you can ad some music as well if it helps you to relax.

Make sure you are dressed enough not to be cold and turn off any source of distraction like your telephone.

Close your eyes and visualize a paper calendar. A computer screen is perfectly acceptable if you work with an electronic planner, adjust the calendar the way it «speaks» to you most.

Focus on everyday of the month, one day after the other and send as much peace as possible to each day. You can for example use rays of colors to symbolize the peace and gratitude you wish to send to each day.

You may be surprised that some day will be highlighted with colors appearing spontaneously on specific dates/times : don‘t judge what you see, just observe, this can be an indication to how that day is supposed to occur for you at the moment. If you see some dark colours, you may want to change them by bringing light to the mix and «heal the day». Precise informations can also be given to you about the events to come, depending on your precognition abilities.

Vision boards are also great manifesting tools. If you’re not familiar with them, you can just google to find some inspiring examples !

rita minassian

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