. Supporting Gaia Global Meditation

Northern lights, photo credit NASA

From April 4th to Sunday April 5th, we will experience the first exact conjunction of Jupiter (expansion of consciousness, higher vision, abundance) and Pluto (death and rebirth, transmutation, restructuring) in the sign Capricorn at 4.45 am GMT (the next dates to note: beginning of July and Mid-November 2020). This encounter between these 2 power planets represents an Apex of restructuring and redefining the future of our civilization, hopefully with greater consciousness.

In this period when more than ever, our planet needs more compassion and healing and if you feel the call, please consider taking a few minutes to meditate in the comfort of your home, for the wellbeing of our planet and its citizens. The portal lasting throughout the week-end, you can do your meditation anytime.

No need to be an advanced practitioner, here are a few easy steps to guide you:

  • Make sure you won’t be disturbed for about 15 to 20 mins, turn off your telephone, if you have a pet, make sure it will stay quite. You can adjust the length of the meditation, if you are comfortable with a 10 mins or wish to extend it to a longer session, feel free to do it
  • If you are alone, find a comfortable sitting position or lay down on the floor on a yoga mat for example, in all case  just make sure your spine is straight. If you are meditating with your family or friends, each one can choose its own way to do the meditation
  • Feel calm and centered in your heart, in your own energy, your own bubble
  • With closed eyes, expand your own Auric field as much as possible, visualize yourself protected in a white or golden egg of light. This visualization will not only help you to align, but will also protect the most sensitive among you from interfering energies
  • Visualize planet Earth surrounded with bright healing light, send as much love as possible to our beautiful planet and to everyone actively participating to its healing, from medical and social workers to food providers and garbage collectors. You can for example, wrap up Gaia with healing colors from white to purple, color of transmutation and purification (avoid red that is too “inflammatory” for this circumstance). You can pray, or even chant, use your personal medium of expression to express love, gratitude and intentions of healing to our home planet.
  • Visualize the citizens of the world in optimum health, happily walking in the streets again, living in harmony and peace, enjoying abundance, children playing, open air celebrations and carnivals etc, you name it…include all living beings in your visualization.
  • When ready, open your eyes, come back in the “here and now”, rub your thighs vigorously to fully bring your consciousness back in your legs and body, and keep physically and psychically balanced.

Wishing everyone a beautiful meditation and to our planet, a prompt healing

and expansion of consciousness: we’re all in this together.

Disclaimer: This meditation is suggested for an individual practice, independent from any group belonging or other group meditation.

Copyright ©Rita MINASSIAN

Corona Aurora Borealis, photo credit NASA

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