. Summer 2018: Time For “Masks Off”

Regarding the number of messages I have received from clients in the recent weeks, I am sure you agree to say that the first word that comes to mind when we think about this summer is undoubtedly “intensity” .

A series of 3 eclipses and 7 retrograde planets including Mars, Mercury and restrictive Saturn made us feel stuck, hands tied: what a season of initiation… There will be for sure a before and an after summer 2018.

But beyond what we experience like a limitation, lies the possibility to turn lessons into blessings, for tremendous growth through an in-depth mixing that pushes us, both on an individual and collective scale, to tune inward and review our priorities, to question the established structures of our life (Pluto in Capricorn) and our interpersonal interactions in order for them to suit better to our authentic self, our deep values and ideals (Jupiter-Neptune trine). As mentioned in a previous articles, the entry of Uranus into Taurus is not foreign to the changes and the expression of our personal values as well.

The psychological aspect: Persona versus personality

In the Jungian model of the psyche, this process is known to be an inner struggle between the Persona, the mask of respectability and social conventions (developed between the age of 6 and 12), which demands to conform, to act “as if” nothing has changed, like in “old good times” when everything was seemingly safer… and between the true personality, our higher Self who needs to express its authenticity, first towards oneself but also to the eyes of everyone, partner, family and society at large. A higher Self that does not want to play a role anymore but to express its truth, its true nature.

As I’m writing those lines, the recent resignation of 4 French ministers, show that it’s no longer possible to be satisfied with a mission of facade, but that the time is to act honestly and stand our ground, even though these actions are unsettling people unable to throw away their own Persona mask.

The test of a new paradigm

Beyond the psychological aspect of the situation, we are witnessing the advent of a new world, a new paradigm, an individual and collective vibratory frequency change which is turning out to be an uncomfortable process for those struggling to welcome necessary changes, who are dealing with an increasing inner pressure. A way to adapt to changing times must be found by balancing Saturnian traditional structures and beliefs like outdated family conditioning, in order to welcome innovative freedom seeker Uranian energies which ask us to view situations with fresh eyes. It’s time to welcome responsibilities that serve our personal growth and to follow our own rules of the game. The future is taking root in the here and now.

Those who apprehend the situation with a higher level of consciousness, by reading “between the lines” with the eyes of the heart, although feeling shaken as well in their ascension process (a compassionate thought to my therapist colleagues here!), can only welcome these inevitable changes as a logical evolution of our society, of humanity at large. As I stated recently during a coaching session: pioneering is exciting, but who said it’s supposed to be always easy?… Despite the pressure to respond to some situations with a mask on, remaining aligned on our heart, with our true feelings and personality brought tremendous sense of rightness and centeredness though.

The emergent positive aspect of Scorpionic Jupiter to Pluto, is the promise to unearth and clean hidden toxins (and secrets?) in relationships and a focus is put on issues of wealth, shared resources and power. As we can hear everyday in the news, Capricorn Pluto, symbol of government and corporate world, is also demanding more honesty from leaders and politicians.

The voice of Gaia

With not less than 144 earthquakes recorded around the world since the beginning of the year, several peak in the Schumann resonance of our planet and an incredible amount of so called “natural disasters” probably due to climate change, even Gaia is over-reacting, trying to catch our attention on the inevitable changes that have to occur in order to preserve it. This is probably one of the biggest challenges humanity faced so far as 15 000 scientists around the world are warning. A few days ago, on the request of French actress Juliette BINOCHE, 200 international personalities signed up a petition to ask governments to make ecology a priority. Liking a beautiful landscape picture on Instagram is not enough anymore, it’s time to act: we are indeed more and more conscious that the preservation of our precious natural resources is crucial for our own survival. Again, Uranus in the sign of natural ressource oriented Taurus will support this urgent ecological transition during  its 7 year transit.

What’s next ?

As often, what can be first felt like chaos is in fact a mandatory breaking point toward a more authentic life, more at peace with ourselves: success is standing just beyond our fears. This in-depth digging in our individual selves triggered by Jupiter in psychological Scorpio since October 2017 and until optimistic Jupiter ingress into philosophical and visionary Sagittarius on November 2018 when the question of one’s quest and long-term life direction will become central.

How are you experiencing the current energies? Is your mask off? Are you remaining eyes wide shut struggling with expressing your true desires or willing to welcome the changes on your way for a more authentic and vibrant life?

A word to the wise by American novelist and social activist James Arthur Baldwin:

« Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within ».

Masks off in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” motion picture

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