. Healing The Virus Of Fear Program ©

I’m receiving messages from clients all over the world I’ve been working with in one-to-one sessions, telling me how accurate are the information they received in 2019, a year of preparation for an unprecedented 2020. « You were right, there will be a before / after 2020 ».

Considering the movement of panic the world is currently facing and some events abroad I should be attending / organizing in the coming weeks are postponed, I wondered how I can, at my humble scale, be of service. It is not enough to preach an empathic heart-based leadership if you don’t lead by example.

This historical event, through a tiny nano-scale virus is showing us how much we are connected, acting like a grain of sand able to derail the financial markets globally and lock down populations. How the « micro » can impact the « macro ». It is sending a tangible reminder of how much our institutions are artificial and fragile. Our society is obviously facing its Shadow in its full Jungian archetypal definition, a transformative alchemical work is required, again, the wake up call of market crash in 2008 was not enough.

We need more decency, integrity and equality.

If realistic political solutions have to be found for more societal fairness, it is also crucial that each one of us should take our part in building what looks like the beginning of a new civilization, more responsable, ethical and respectful with its ressources.

In order to support the collective to go through these challenging times and keep their frequency as high as possible to avoid to dwell into fear (fear is the lowest hertzian frequency our brain and system can experience along with sadness), I’ve decided to put my skills and experience as a holistic and depth psychology therapist, to provide free counseling sessions for people who have currently difficulties to stay aligned.

Here is the detailed framework for these free sessions provided until March 31st 2020:

– The sessions will remain fully confidential and provided by phone or video call for about 20 mns
– The content of the session will be adapted to each individual: please note that we will only focus to the present topic of Coronavirus panic. The sessions CANNOT be made around other private topics.
– Personalized intuitive and psychological guidance will be provided, however, medical guidance being out of my field of expertise, please contact your physician for medical advices.
– Priority will be given to my clients globally and to followers of my blog
– In case of « no show » and due to the number of sessions that will be provided, the session CANNOT be re-scheduled
– Mutual respect is required, the session can be stopped anytime in case of improper behavior
– To book your session, contact me via my contact page (no Messenger).

Please remember that we are responsable for the energy we bring in a room and based on the same  principle, we also are responsable for the thoughts we think that feed the collective unconscious reservoir and come back to us by affinity. It is now the best time to apply the law of attraction.

From a Darwinian perspective, not the strongest species survive but the ones more adaptable to change: we can go through this challenge with proper adjustments within and solidarity toward our fellows.
Be safe, be well.

Copyright ©Rita MINASSIAN

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