Bridging The Divide

Israel impressionen by Claudia Henzler

Since the recent events between Israel in the Gaza strip occured, I’m receiving several emails calling to boycott or to sign petitions to support one side or another.

I feel very sad that even people who believe and work for Peace are falling in the trap of a dual approach of these events. If we wish to live our life mission consciously and by extension achieve a United society, it is fundamental for all of us to see beyond duality and not to nourish egregores* of division, but to focus on Peace and Brotherhood only.

The manipulation of the media is very prejudicial in this process; instead of showing the demonstrations for peace around the world and insisting on that, it is much more “juicy” and spectacular (and of course more lucrative) to show the despair or the anger of people. It belongs to us, the audience, to make the choice to give credit to this system or not.

During the war in Lebanon, every day we would see image of hatred on TV but we would never be shown the Christians and the Muslims supporting each other by offering food to a hungry neighbor or a friend. The civilians are always the hostages of political divisions and financial interests.

I’m also lucky to travel around the world and to see with my own eyes that in countries like Israel, Iran, Turkey or in Lebanon people live together in harmony and respect the religious celebrations of the others. This is also particularly obvious in India where many religions are represented and co-exist in Peace.

Our choice should be to remain perfectly centered most of all during crisis and feel compassionate for each being involved in this situation, whatever his/her religion can be. What would be the value of a choice made by/with Love if there was not a different choice possible? This is the only role of duality; testing if our values and acts are perfectly synchronized and if we’re guided by Love only.

It is a highly initiatory experience for workers of Light to remain focused on Peace and to spread words of tolerance and Unity right now. As we’re entering the Era of the Aquarius, let’s all have FAITH in the capability for humanity to live all together in harmony.

Hashem Ehad, Allah wahad, God is One.

God, Life, the Cosmic energy, whatever the name you give to this Universal power and whether you believe in it or not, we’re all part of the same unique Force…

*Egregore: Active magnetic field with a specific attribute which is nourished and nourishes the same attribute (ex: angry people nourish the egregore of anger and are themselves nourished by the same energetic field that they attract over again in a vicious circle. Same with egregores of Love, Compassion, Peace which create virtuous circles in our life and for the entire Universe)

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