6th Sense: Gifted Children And Their “Imaginary” friends

It is a very common thing for me as a psychic medium, to hear parents telling stories about their children talking with their “imaginary friends”. These manifestations can happen in various ways; they see strangers or family members who have passed away talking to them in the living room, helping them to find an item they lost. They also may say that they play with luminous or Angelical beings who visit them at the tip of their beds…

Shall parents be afraid of these types of reactions from their kids? And most of all, how is the best way to react when destiny sent us such gifted children?

Taking the “right” decision: a sensitive question

Parents are usually disconcerted by the comments of their children and they usually don’t know how to react, which is understandable; there is no school to be good parents, worse, there is no school to be good parents of gifted children!… Some of them wonder if their child is really sane and choose for their good touring them for check up with an analyst. Unfortunately, very often the kids are brainwashed and conditioned to think that these visions are “only in their head” and that it’s not “correct” to see these type of manifestations. Then of course, they yearn only for one thing: being like everybody, being “normal” and simply “forget”… Saying that they repress this state of being, would be more correct because one day, their abilities will emerge again.

Other parents, with or without spiritual beliefs, notice that their children have a strong mystical inclination even though they’re not given any religious education. The children insist to be baptized, they want to pray every night before sleep or ask to meditate at very early ages…These parents choose to be more open and supportive and start to exchange with their children, knowing that they’re mentally perfectly healthy and that there are maybe unknown territories that their child have the ability to explore that are worth discovering… When they make the effort to connect to their children’s world, they start to live stunning experiences; the children start to open also more to them and share with more confidence, telling them things that they would normally keep hidden deep inside not to “disturb mummy and daddy”…Their lost keys are found miraculously thanks to their children saying that “the lady who speaks without opening her mouth” told them that they were under the sofa… They realize that the date given by their daughter on a calendar for an important business deal is exactly the moment where the deal happens without having planned any appointment with the client that day and time, etc…

The freedom to express who they are

When parents have such an open attitude, they prevent any feelings of loneliness for their children who feel very often different, not understood and isolated. Very often, Indigos* adults remember a very lonely path in their childhood and a gap between being a child but thinking like an adult.

Energetically talking, until 7 years old we’re still very close to our original nature and our ability to use our 6th sense is still very sharp and “rough”. As the conditioning of the environment is not too strong yet, during these first years of our life we can even still have clear reminiscences of our past lives.

Some children talk about their “previous family” and their “other mummy”. Recently, a team of psychologists and psychic searchers lead an interesting inquiry with a 5 years old Scottish boy in Glasgow: the child was pretending to remember his vacations with his “previous family” and was perfectly describing his daily life thousands of kilometres away from his hometown. With the help of his mother and the professional team around him, he went back to the exact place he was describing and where he never put a foot in his present life; the village, the house and the detailed description of the decoration inside, the neighbour’s identity (with names) and even the description of the dog they had (the animal was dead but his identity was confirmed by neighbor) everything was perfectly fitting to reality. The little boy’s emotion and sadness (the nostalgia not to be anymore with his “brothers and sisters”) was obviously real. He was keeping saying to everyone “I told you that it’s all true…” After coming back from the place, he never mentioned this story again to his family; he accepted that he was now in “another story” in a “new family” and most of all, he was in peace that people were believing him…

In 2009, a 6 year old little boy leaving in distant turkish mountains, quite cut from modern distractions like TV and internet (so not influenced in any way by “stories”), was pulling the legs of everyone in the village because he wanted his wife back… Believe me, if you would have seen this angry little man asking after his wife, you would realize it was absolutely not a joke! No need to mention that the parents were completely overtaken by these events.

The future of our planet

Conscious parenting can definitely change our world. To the parents who live this dilemma I’d say, try to understand these children and don’t burn them on the swot of your own fears… Their reactions can be disturbing of course but there is various literature about intuitive children or Indigos* relating similar stories that can help you. You may also contact an organization which gives the possibility for parents to organize gatherings and exchange about their daily experience with gifted children. Living with such sensitive children doesn’t happen by chance; it also gives you the possibility to wake up to your own sensitivities. Through their story you may start to remember your own experiences as a child that you may have buried deep inside because they were not fitting to the background you were raised in…Remember how you felt that a person was not “nice” simply by intuition or how you used to have premonitory dreams about a place where you have never been and that you saw “by chance” a few days after during a walk, all the déjà vu… You may then realize that you are probably gifted yourself…

To the professionals who work with children living these types of phenomenon I’d say please, take the time to talk with them and make a deep inquiry to know better if the visions of these children are only stories because they simply need more attention or if they are really experiencing a connection with something different, some other realities. Sometimes it takes years for adult people to reconnect to their abilities because their memories of other realms were “erased” during their childhood…

It’s important to know that with the quick evolution of consciousness of our planet, these children will be more and more numerous and that the indigos were preceding the Crystal** children, who seem to be even more skilled.

Today, it’s the responsibility of the scientific community to study these questions and to give empirical proofs to validate what millions of children and adults have experienced through history and what religious and mystics reported in spiritual scriptures around the globe.

These sensitive children can be the incarnation of a Peaceful generation on our planet, at least…

This post is dedicated to all the inspirational children who crossed my path: to Samantha, Matthieu, Alec and Matt,  Julien,  Sophie, Louis and Santiago… and to all adults and children around the world who will feel the resonance of these words within their heart. 

*Indigos children, so called because their Auric field saturated by indigo blue (colour of the 3rd eye, symbolizing strong intuition) started to be born in the 60’s.
**The Crystal children started to born around 2000. Their level of consciousness is very high and their expectations toward life, community and unity are remarkably mature.  Some autistic persons and children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) are known to be Indigo/Crystal children as well.

11 thoughts on “6th Sense: Gifted Children And Their “Imaginary” friends

  1. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!



  2. Rita, thank you so much for your insights on this topic. I am a teacher of gifted children (as well as a father of three!) and notice so many of these traits among them. In a mainstream setting it is difficult to address students and parents directly about these more evolved characteristics, but I find myself working spiritually with them on a very subtle level. I figure if I can keep some of their intense spiritual flames alive and thriving before they are smothered by “conventional reality,” I have been effective. Teachers must think in terms of planting seeds via the power of wisdom and compassion, and then relaxing, unattached to outcome.



    1. Hi Ben!
      Thank you so much for your comment; it’s great to have both the point of view of a teacher (and father of 3, congrats!) and a spiritual worker.

      It seems that your mission is Crystal clear in this incarnation and that you’re handling it with great consciousness; thank you for who you are and what you’re doing for these kids on a daily basis!

      The impact of “keeping the spiritual flame alive” will be huge in their life such as our planet as they’re our future! You’re defenitly a gift, for the children, for their parents who can find answers through you, and also for our society…
      As you say, you don’t necessarly see the immediate outcome of the seeds you’re planting, but as the spiritualist Omram Aïvanov would say “Even if you don’t see the growth of the seed in the ground, it’s already becoming a tree” so…

      Many blessings to you Ben and may your Guides and Angels always support you in your amazing work (no doubt about that!)

      ps: It would be wonderful if you could send me an email and tell me where you are based; I could then be able to connect parents of gifted children who live close to your school and to whom you could give answers about their questionnings…
      my email: rita-akasha@hotmail.fr


  3. as a child I had an imaginary friend named martin and I could predict who was going to visit our home but this stopped a long time ago im 19 years now how can I get the gift back and I feel my life is now miserable


    1. Thank you very much for following my blog dear;
      please do not feel miserable for nothing happens by chance…You are lucky to know how it feels to have these abilities and I guess your path is to remember and most of all recover the gift you are born with.

      I have a client who asked me an astrology chart, he was a gifted child and it appears in his birth chart that at the age of 3, something blocked his abilities, while we were debriefing about this, he told me that he used to see spirits around and his parents were very scared about these stories. So when he was 3 years old, they asked a psychic to block his psychic abilities and one of his mission of life is actually to get them back, that’s what he has been doing for the last 45 years now…

      This is part of your story dear one, nothing is lost, you have everything within you, all the tools to get back what’s your birth right.

      I wish you good luck in your getting back home…
      With Love,


  4. Thank you for this article! In a family with many members with varying abilities, all hidden, ignored and hushed away, I too have done the same with many of my early childhood abilities, which (in my opinion) resulted in migraines, night terrors and anxiety as a child. As an adult I have been more open to what I saw, felt and experienced as a child and those have almost disappeared however different paranormal experiences seem to increase. Now I’ve been dealing with some similar experiences I had with my 2 year old son however his seem to be so much more than mine. He has such knowledge of concepts and things he’s never seen, experienced or heard about. He “sees” things that make no sense until we research and realize he’s talking about the history of the area around us or deceased family members we didn’t even know. The day he throws a complete fit about my car being “bad” and not wanting to go in it with complete hysterics (he loves car rides, never did anything like that and was excited to go to the playground before getting in the car) is the day my car breaks down on the interstate with two toddlers and him yelling, “I told you mommy, I tell you bad car.”. He finds things lost in odd places, makes instant judgements on people and decides he loves or cannot tolerate them instantly (and has since a tiny infant), expects to be treated as an equal, wants real explainations etc. As he has sensory issues and issues dealing with authority and boundries he is involved in Early Intervention and his OT has been suggesting a psych eval as he “sees” things which she says is a sign of Schitzophrenia (seriously? He’s 2, no where near the age that this can be diagnosed). As a person who doesn’t see his “seeing” things as such a big deal or reason to put him through tests and a psych eval nor do I want him to be told to ignore what he sees I’ve been struggling with what to do. I was grateful when a social worker from the school system did not seem to agree with that idea and suggested I look up indigo children and your article makes me feel even better that maybe there is an answer to what is going on with him that doesn’t include a psych diagnosis, medication or telling him he’s imagining things just because we don’t see what he does.


    1. Dear Mandy,

      Thank you so much for your testimony; unfortunetly, our society tends to try to “normalize” people and situations consistently; it’s so “convenient” to put children under pills and chemical medication instead of trying to open up to something new…

      Others quickly put a sticker on the forehead of gifted children pretending they need to be cured for some psychological pathology…it’s very sad but each one of us do their best. And at the same time, all these events happen to people, like you, who have chosen at the level of the Soul, to contribute in that way to the evolution of our society regarding the recognition of the 6th sense and the opening up to psychic abilities.
      Who better than you Mandy, can know about having these abilities hushed and ignored? Who could be a better listener and caring mom for your sensitive boy as you lived all this in your childhood?…

      I think that having this little gifted boy is a kind of second chance for you; by helping him and trusting him to develop his skills, you will at the same time be welcoming and nurturing the child within you who was not accompanied in her abilities, who certainly felt rejected for who she truly was… This is a very positive way to reconstruct yourself and realign yourself to your higher Self!

      The incarnation is a great adventure, but sometimes we can feel a little bit alone and lost in the type of situation you’re facing with your kid, this is part of the challenge. But always remember that you’re making the proper decisions by being aligned to your heart and intuition, then situations will flow more easily and you will see that you will meet people who are on the same wavelenght as yours…

      Good luck dear Mandy, loads of love and support to you and your little boy and please, do not hesitate to share your stories in this blog in the future!

      Rita xx


  5. Dear Rita
    I have a grandson who is almost 10, back last Nov. we had to put him in a psych hospital because he wanted to kill himself, he was seeing things and hearing things. I’ve known from the time he was about 1 and 1/2 yrs old that something was differnt about him “kinda of the sixth sense thing” we’d ask him what he was thinking or seeing and he would say nothing. He is such a loving and kind child but does not make friends and is so lonely. The doctors put him on meds and the voices went away and then about two months ago I was keeping them for the summer and decided to let them go the vac. bible school and he had been there 15mins when they called me and said he was having problems. I got there to get him and just as soon as he got into the car he started screaming Nana please make them go away and was uncontrolable and begged us to take him back tothe hospital so they could fix him, we did and more meds which made him sick so they went back to what he was taking before. His first day of school last week was terrible no one wanted to play with him and so he made himself throw up. His mom had a talk with him and tried to help him understand that there are kids who will always be cruel but she said “mom, it’s not the shcool thing that bothers me as much as what he told me” she ask him if he was hearing the voices again, he said no, do you see people and he dropped his head and said no. She told him the only way she could help him is if he didn’t keep secret and tell her, she said the tears started running down his face and he said “yes mom I still see bad things but grandma and grandpa are here and they protect me from the bad ones. He said he has always seen death people and some are real scary and others are not. When he was small I remember him being scared to death at night in his room and always wanted to sleep with me or his mom and if we wouldn’t let him he’d be up very very late until he was just so tired he couldn’t stay awake and had dark circles under his eyes. There is so much more and we would just like to find out if there is some place we can take him to be tested or something, I’ve always said from the time he was very small that there was something different about him but in a very special way. My email address is reno8459@yahoo.com we need some help and I don’t want to medicate a child if he really doesn’t need it.



    1. Dear Reno hi,

      I read your story while i was flying to London, I must say it moved me a lot and it kept turning in my mind during all the flight.. Would you mind sending me the birth details of your grandson (date, place and time of birth) so I can have a look to his birthchart and come back to you with my complete insight about his situation and most of all his mission of life which would help us to understand why he is facing such painful contacts with otherwordly realms, there is no chance and i have my opinion about it, i would like to be as precise as possible…

      You can send them to me directly on my email adress:

      Lots of Love and Blessings to you and to your Grandson my dear,


  6. My 5 year old daughter has had imaginary friends since she was able to comunicate to me. They have ALWAYS been around. When she was 3, she talked to me about Jesus and how important he is, even though I have never took her to school, church or a babysitter. It was difficult to “believe” in something that I have not before. Within the last 2 years, before she started preschool, she would talk to me about energy and colors around people. She told me she would have dreams of things and then they would come true. She talks about Jesus ALL the time, she will flat out tell me that she loves him more than she loves me, that hes her father (and mine too). At the time she told me about Jesus, she stated that her friend took her to go see him. At 3 years old she could describe every detail about his crucifixion. About a year ago, she told me that her friend showed her how to use energy to heal people when they are hurt (she has done this to me and random people), she took my carpal tunnel pain away, she healed a spider bite on an aquaintence. But as of right now, since she started preschool, she tells me that she made up being able to see colors and her friends. I am not sure why, but she will tell me that everything she knows (Jesus, Energy, etc.) she has always known. She tells me that she never saw colors, but when I asked her about her being able to make my pain go away, she will tell me that she can still do that. I just find it strange how a 4 yr old can make up seeing colors around people. The fact that she could tell me what she saw around different people and around herself (which was rainbow all around and gold at the top). I just know in my heart that she is gifted somehow and I am worried that she would loose her gift because its “not normal” in school.


    1. Dear laurel,

      Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful story with us: seems we have a excellent example of Crystal child with your daughter! Such pure Souls…

      I’ve heard lots of similar stories told by my clients about children behaving this way, sometimes in non Christian homes or even in complete atheistic families. Some of the children would talk about Jesus as a friend and would want to be baptised at early ages. They would also ask to wear sweaters with hoodies and would wear them like monk clothes, head covered (in this case, the children were boys, 3 brothers)… In some other case the children would ask for a cross with Jesus as birthday present to put it above their beds and would insist to pray next to their beds, on their knees every night… you can imagine the surprise of non-religious parents…

      I’ve heard also similar stories with Buddhist children in India, and eventhough i don’t personally know similar stories with Jewish and Muslim kids, I’m sure there are some: if people reading this blog have stories to share about them, they’re most welcome to do it!

      Regarding your anxiety about your daughter losing her abilities, please don’t worry: she is very “lucky” to have such an open mom like you. I put “lucky” under comas because it is obvious that the 2 of you have a Soul to Soul agreement (and of course with the dad too), so she has incarnated in the perfect family to develop her skills and follow her mission of life.

      It seems important to me that you find a balance between supporting her in developing her skills (like letting her heal people if she is inspired to do it for example) and letting her live also a regular childhood like playing games with her friends, going to the circus, having birthday celebrations, I mean doing “non-spiritual things”: grounding is part of our spiritual life too and if we neglect that part, there is a risk for the child and the future adult to loose touch with this reality… The aim of “the game” is to spiritualize the matter but certainly not to escape from it and hide in otherwordly realms constantly.

      Another thing about your anxiety; something strikes me in your id actually, you call yourself “worried mom”: our thoughts become things and we attract the reality we choose by vibrating at a certain frequency, please Laurel, will you commit to shift from being a “worried mom” to a “happy mom” or anything that sounds more positive??!!

      Be sure that all is fine and there is no place for fears anymore in 2013 that is just around the corner now; we have to shift into a New World paradigm and this requires that each one of us is centered in the heart, in total Faith and Peace…

      I send both you and your daughter all my Love and Light and wish you a wonderful holiday seasons!




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