. In All Chaos There Is A Cosmos

“In all chaos there is a Cosmos, in all disorder a secret order”. Carl Gustav Jung

We have reached the famous day of a rare meeting between 2 titans, Saturn and Pluto, a combination observable only every 507 years, causing major clashes worldwide between the old and the new (the UK as a Capricorn country is an ovbious example with the Brexit and the chaos among the royals), or the conservative thinking versus progressist movements in Hong Kong, Iran, Lebanon, South America and now Australia.

Therefore, the temptation is great to see only destruction and chaos if you don’t shift perspective. This is also true in our individual stories.

I cannot help to see unprecedent possibilities to restructure our society and our individual lives as well, with more fairness and authenticity.

Jung’s quote and the artwork featured here, perfectly illustrates my reading of the events: when we shed light on a situation, then the picture changes radically.

Do not fear this seemingly chaos. 

Let’s shed this light on whatever situation that requires transformation in your life and read the story in a constructive and a positive way together:

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Copyright ©Rita MINASSIAN

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