Manifesting Your Soulmate -Twin Flame free meditation

 “Two lovers, each one of them half of a whole…”

Love is a Universal language… A new era deserves a new approach of things, eradicating the dual concept that “men comes from Mars, woman from Venus”. If we wish to manifest our half, we first have to balance our Yin-Yang energies within and let go all our expectations and preconceptions about the person we wish to meet on our path.

Meeting our Soulmate-Twin Flame is a tremendous reconnection with the Divine and a huge step toward Unconditional Love… As people are opening more and more, the human consciousness is getting higher… Through information channeled from Spirit Guides, we know now that the reconnection between Soulmates and Twin flames will be more and more numerous in the next months. How else? … Like minded people are put back together in order to move forward in their spiritual evolution, re-create a world ruled by Love and manifest the Aquarian Age announced for millenniums around the globe.

Wherever you may be in the world, join spiritually to our groups in France, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Turkey and India, for a meditation to manifest your half, on Valentine’s week-end Saturday February the 13th, 2.30pm GMT*. And who knows what the Universe will unfold to you…maybe the day after?! …

“In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities…”  Janos Arnay, Hungarian writer and poet.

In love, Rita

*8.30 ECT; 5.30 United Arab Emirates time.

How to participate step by step tips

1.  Open out the meridians in the physical body by practicing physical exercises (Yoga, Tai chi, Chi Gong…)

2. Take gentle deep breathing to settle the mind and emotions

3. Forgiveness exercises – toward our ex and present partners and ourselves by sending healing loving energies,

4. Gently cut ties from old relationships you are sure are not going to work

5. Invoke blessings of Spirit Guides and all the beings of light and love to help us in our quest and making the intention that those of us who are meditating are one and our energies are one

6. During the meditation we will bless every person with loving relationships on earth and that every person may find their Soulmate/Twin flame

7. Bless all those who are meditating with us all over the world

8. You may focus on the chants of the Goddess of the earth in order to manifest the right partner on earth (see link below)

9. Invoke and thank the Loving Guides present during the meditation and after in our quest

10. Optional- Practice physical exercises if you need to balance the excess of energy.
The meditation will be guided with the following inspirational music: Mother Divine by Craig Pruess:

– The Akasha Institute wishes to thank all the people around the world who are joining spiritually to this meditation dedicated to Love, and more specifically to The Healing Boutique in Dubai for its positive responsiveness to our invitation. –

If you wish to know more about Soulmates and Twin flames, you may also read: Manifest Your Soulmate

3 thoughts on “Manifesting Your Soulmate -Twin Flame free meditation

  1. Hi All!
    Wether you have found your Soulmate-Twinflame or not, please join this meditation dedicated to manifest more Love on our planet.

    Put Love at every corner of your life…You’re worth it!


    1. Ten Nebula Hi!

      Thank you so much for your supportive comment!
      All my wishes for a Lightfull and Richfull spiritual path for you this year!
      Concerning Abundance, I trust your tips to make all your dreams come true…:)

      Much Love and Light,


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