Manifest Your Soulmate

moreau- amourThrough centuries, many poets and writers were inspired by the myth of the Soulmate and Twin Flames.

Soulmates are individual souls who originally belong to the same Higher Self, which is a family of souls, like some kind of piece of the Universal consciousness. In this condition a Soulsister can also be incarnated in the person of a very close friend or even a brother or a sister. The Twin Flames are the most linked couple that exist; they belong to the same matrix and cross incarnations with the promise of being always there for the other one…it’s the most powerful type of love possible for a couple. Let’s interest today to the manifestation of the most intense and mysterious relationship on Earth and beyond, the “perfect match” in love.

Far from the ancient codes concerning couples meeting, our societies where communications like messages sent via mobile phones or emails avoid more and more a tangible meeting. In this condition is it still possible to manifest the “perfect match”? Is it still possible to believe in this myth eventhough the statistics shows us that 50% of marriages end with a divorce?

Let’s leave the statistics and probabilities for a second and see things through a spiritual way.

A lot of people are looking for this precious complementary being to live a harmonious love life, sharing with the other one and be on the same wavelength.

For people who believe in Destiny, the manifestation of the Soulsister or the Twin Flame, can defenitly happen at every single corner of their life. There is just one rule for this manifestation: anytime-anyplace and being ready to welcome it in our lifes without specifically waiting for it.

In French literature, many characters from the romantic period of the 19th century choose to follow their irresistible passion and live a chaotic story, defying the barrier of the right thinking society of that period of time.

The meeting of a Soulmate is the most dazzling magnetic phenomena among all type of love stories: you simply recognize the other one as your half and cannot even think about living without him or her, as if you’ve already shared so much intimacy through lifetimes that being a pair again is obvious, incontrovertible…

This love is so powerfully desired by the Soul that nothing can stop you from following the call of your heart and Higher Self beyond the rational approach of your mind: suddenly you feel more complete and even see yourself in the mirror eyes of the other one. At that particular moment, our individuality experiences a spark of unconditional love we should feel toward all our fellows, a manifestation of our belonging to one Self as it should be when we’ll all realize enlightenment. It’s a coming back to our true being, our original nature.

And what a spark… Among my customers, I’ve seen people change their entire life to follow the Soulsister. Beautiful.

It can also happen that the recognition is in one way only: then the mate who recognizes the other one suffers hell not to be percieved as the Soulsister. In that case, the manifestation of their harmonious life is “rescheduled” in the next life if it’s the choice of the two souls before coming back into reincarnation. When the free will is used by one of the mate to take another path, then another reality takes place for the actors of the story, which may include… the manifestation of another Soulmate. Twin Flames usually never change partner, for them it’s not even possible to live seperatly.

Mystical weddings are beyond any type of statistics. To everyone who is searching for the Soulsister I would say not to loose hope: if it’s meant to be, you will live the most wonderful love and spiritual path you deserve, by being simply open to change and flexible with the standards you normally have in matter of love: it’s the sine qua non condition to change your vibratory frequency and attract like a tune fork the Flame sister, and then…then…you’ll taste the magic of being One again…

5 thoughts on “Manifest Your Soulmate

  1. Twin flame, who beautiful and magical it is to meet our twin flame…
    Hard to understand, hard to imagine for disconnected people…
    There is no rational reason to stay so close to your alterego.
    Sometimes you wonder if it’s real. A special relationship that egal no other. You feel so much magnetic attraction that all your energetic centers are vibrating in a way you never experienced before.
    Deep in your heart, you know well that there is something that can’t be easily explained. No word can tell the feeling inside you are living.
    But there is also some shadows in the sky…
    As deep is the link between us. As disturbing is the work you have to do… Every challenge has its own risk… Be ready ! It can happen to you…
    Stay in touch with your guidinglight then , you Will have nothing to feer ! You just have to switch off your mind and let your heart be your only guide ! Just do it !


  2. Dear Sylvie,

    Thank you so much for your…inspired comment…
    The deepest is the magnetic attraction and the link, the deepest is the work we have to do with our Soulmate or Flame sister for sure, specially when we do it in consciousness. What a transformational process… a real Alchemy to transform our lead to gold.

    The Magic beyond these challenges is that this so special relationship gives us the taste of what unconditional love could be; through the story we share with our Flame sister, we are able to lean the scale over the side of love only, always, beyond the limits of our human personalities.
    It’s another step to learn to recognize the Divine in every being and to love everyone the same way.

    I agree with you; when the disturbances of the mental are turned off, then our heart can be wide open to welcome this incomparable Love without any fear…

    With Love and Light!


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