. A Review of 2020 and A Glimpse of 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic in January 2020, I prepared my clients, patients and partners to a 3rd and final restrictive aspect generated by the Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn triptych (pandemic, shake ups of institutions and finance, government authority and limitation) active again from end of October and exact on November 13th 2020.

We not only reached a peak of the pandemic on that precise date, but we also witnessed the markets soar by 10,5 % on November 10th, an unprecedented record in accord with the expansion Jupiter-Pluto usually brings.

As I expected, January brought as well the death of a monarch: after 50 years of reign, the sultanate of Oman lost its leader, Sultan Qaboos bin Said on January 10th, 48h before the very exact conjunction between Saturn and Pluto on January 12th 2020.

An interesting turn that this aspect brought as well is the announcement of Prince Harry to step back from his royal duties on January 8th 2020. This decision forced Queen Elizabeth to deprive Prince Harry from his royal title: this looks very much like a symbolic “death of a monarch”.

Another aspect I announced is the possibility to find a treatment, if not a vaccine, when the Jupiter-Saturn great conjunction will occur in Aquarius on December 21st 2020, favoring innovations (among other themes, more to come soon on the topic) with an influence of + -3 days. Many people (and many labs) would state it won’t be possible to have one so quickly, but the recent news of a vaccine available before the end of the year from PFIZER proves me right.

If it looks like we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the down side of this aspect could also oblige authorities to confine senior citizens specifically in December 2020, a measure that could bring some form of rebellion among them and a part of the population as seen in Spring 2020 in France, when Saturn stepped into Aquarius for a short period of time. The French government then abandoned that option.

I also stated that the treatment or vaccine would be efficient as long as we will have encouraging aspects until end of 2021, then it’s efficiency could show its limit (due to a mutation of the virus?). The future will tell us.

In my last article in June 2020 (catch up here if you missed it), I announced that contrary to the first part of the year, the second half would be particularly violent: so far we’ve been witnessing 2 explosions in Beyrouth, a series of terror attacks in France and Saudi Arabia and a battle involving several belligerents in Caucasus.

When it comes to the elections in the US, it was predictable that Mercury retrograde would act just like the elections in 2000 in Florida, it was even worse: not only the results were delayed as I was expecting, but there are recounts in several states. 

What concerns me most now is the chart on the presidential Inauguration Day on January 20th 2021 on which I see explosive aspects (active most of January): no matter which president takes vows that day, and even assuming the event will be held in small committee due to the sanitary situation, the secret services should apply a high level of security around the event and next president of the United States.

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Note from the author: At the end of November 2020, professor Rémy SALOMON MD, declares on French TV that “Grandma & Grandpa should be isolated in the kitchen to have their Christmas cake”, provoking fury and rebellion among the senior population as announced in this article.

The same senior population are receiving the first vaccines in the UK and the US as I’m writing this update on December 7th 2020. Jupiter (benefits) conjuncts Saturn (senior citizens) are benefiting from an ARN vaccine, a new technology (Aquarius is innovation), that has to be protected and transported at – 70 degrees (Aquarius is a winter sign representing cold environment).

On the long run, the efficiency of the Covid vaccine has indeed lost its efficiency as predicted.

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