Neptune in Pisces: Welcome To Dreamland

Neptune in Pisces: “I leave the Father’s home and turning back i save…”
Pour les lecteurs francophones: une traduction de cet article en Français est disponible en fin de page.

Neptune entered Pisces yesterday; the planet of dreams entering its ruling sign will provoke a major energy shift as the last time it happened was 149 years ago!

Spirituality, arts and creativity will be brought to the forefront for the next 14 years* both at an individual and a collective scale; the world will be more responsive to only motto will be compassionate Oneness…

Neptune in Pisces are the ultimate ideal-romance combination: a fresh breeze will wrap up romantic encounters now and the package of 5 planets in Aries will give us the fire and audacity to pursue an idealistic relationship even though the changes ahead may seem “chaotics”.  So if you’re craving for a Soulmate this is definitely your time…

Another consequence of Neptune re-entereing dreamy Pisces is that all the babies who will be born during this period of 14 years will be specially gifted with fine artistic skills, an ability to meditate easily and a very sharp intuition that will have them channel easily too. The Crystal children will definitely abund on our planet.

Of course, the energy of this planet must be also used with discrimination as Neptune is also known as the planet of illusion: use your discernment to feel what’s possible to achieve by remaining firmly grounded with the “mundane world”.

To summarize the energy of Neptune in Pisces I’d say feel like a fish in the water and watch out the mermaids chant…!

*Period starting exactly in September after the retrograde period of Neptune back in Aquarius.
Neptune and the glyph of Pisces


Neptune en Poisson: Bienvenue au Royaume des Rêves !

Neptune est entré en Poisson hier : cette planète idéaliste entrant dans le signe dont elle est la maîtresse provoque un changement énergétique majeur qui n’est pas arrivé depuis 149 ans.

La spiritualité, les arts et la créativité seront mis sur le devant de la scène pour les prochaines 14 années* tant sur le plan individuel que sur le plan collectif ; un seul mot d’ordre, Unité et Compassion…

Neptune en Poisson est LA combinaison d’un idéal romantique : nous nous sentirons tous enveloppés d’une brise fraiche dans nos relations interpersonnelles et surtout amoureuses. Le package de 5 planètes dans le signe du Bélier nous donnera l’audace et l’énergie nécessaire pour poursuivre cet idéal romantique, même si les changements à l’œuvre dans notre vie peuvent paraître  chaotiques de prime abord. Alors si vous rêvez d’une reconnection avec votre Ame Sœur, c’est le moment…

Une autre conséquence de l’entrée de Neptune en Poisson est que tous les enfants qui naitront durant cette période de 14 ans  seront spécialement doués de nombreux talents, notamment dans les arts mais aussi dans la pratique de la méditation et du channelling ; la relève des enfants Cristaux est définitivement assurée!

Il est bien évident que l’énergie de Neptune en Poisson doit être utilisée avec beaucoup de discernement car si cette dernière favorise rêves et idéaux, elle berce aussi nos illusions… il nous appartient donc d’user de notre bon sens et de trier ce qui est réalisable de ce qui relève du fantasme pur en restant fermement ancrer dans notre quotidien.

En résumé, soyez comme un poisson dans l’eau…et attention au chant des Sirènes!

*Cette période débutera exactement à partir de Septembre après la période rétrograde de Neptune dans le signe du Verseau.

5 thoughts on “Neptune in Pisces: Welcome To Dreamland

    1. Aubrigado Brasil!!

      Yes more than ever, the artistic, poetic, compassionate and spiritual vibes of Neptune are for sure very helpful to soothe the chaos around us these days…
      Let’s all DREAM BIG folks!

      Amor y Luz meu amigos!


  1. Thanks for the insights on the coming “Cristal Children.” As a teacher, this will be intriguing to watch for in the coming years.

    On a personal level, could Neptune in Pisces help explain some of the rushed and chaotic energy I’m experiencing. Sometimes it feels like life is coming at me through a high-powered hose. : )


    1. Dear Ben hi!

      Wish I had a teacher like you at school; some kind of wise (and funny!) Merlin who would have brought guidance in my daily life:)

      Very often, I hear or read that healers or channels say that at some point of their childhood they “lost” the connection with otherworldly realms for many years because of their education and the conditionning of society. Many years after, we had to “go back to the roots” and remember that we belong to something bigger, that our sensititivities can connect other feelings and informations eventhough we always knew it was there, somewhere within…
      Sometimes just a little impulse fom the external world is enough to wake up this potential…

      Your work is priceless for those kids, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for the sensitivity and the compassion with which you’re doing it…

      Concerning the chaos that most of us, including our dear planet Gaia, are feeling these days is much more about Uranus and Pluto, other collective planets like Neptune, that are acting like catalysts to the changes ahead.

      I’m actually writing a note about the role of these 2 planets both for the individual and the collective (which is actually the same as we’re all connected…), so check out the blog within the next days because it will be soon online!

      Many thanks for having brought this question to me and to be the Uranus-Pluto-catalyst to have me write the article more quickly:)

      Much Love and Light to you!


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