10/10/10 Portal: How Venus & Mars Will Support Our Meditation

Venus tempting Mars- Hans Mont

 It’s very interesting that Venus will be retrograde for our 10/10/10 meditation (which means that her motion seems to go backward to our eyes) and how her placement with Mars will support our connection on Sunday. Let’s have a closer look at this Cosmic scenery…

During her retrograde period (around 46 days during the year) the planet of Love and beauty invites us to tune in and look at the most important relationships of our life; how do we relate to our partner and loved ones? What type of exchange do we have with them? It’s also the right time to remember about past love stories (including past lives love stories) and heal the wounds we may still have kept from them, to forgive ourselves and everyone involved in the situation (yes, you please include your mother in law…:). If we wish to bring back balance in a current relationship and make a fresh start, this is the right moment too!

Moreover, Venus is starting her retrograde period as we’re still in Libra, the sign of relationships and Harmony that is ruled by the planet of Love in the zodiac. Both Venus and Mars, the two lovers of the zodiac will be conjunct in passionate Scorpio, which is another indication to focus on relationships and dig deeper in our feelings.

On Sunday the theme of the 10/10/10 meditation and portal is to focus on remembering our original Divine state (going back) and how as beings of Light, we’re all linked to each other (the role of the Libra in the zodiac) in Unity and Love (the symbol of Venus and also the supporting energy of the Shekinah of Light who will be present during this portal)… Venus is known to be a feminine sign, with a Yin vibe: the purpose of the nurturing and tender presence of the Shekinah of Light during 10/10/10 portal is to help us to free and increase the Sacred feminine energy on our planet after centuries of “amnesia” of her complementary power to the Yang, male energy (represented by Mars).

Top sum up, it means that the consort planets will be at the perfect place and motion to support us during our “retrograde process to recover our original codes of Love”… Amazing… the timing of the Universe is just perfect…

Venus will be retrograde until November 18, during this period of time be ready for some introspective moments about your perception of Love and partnership, and also real shifts in your personal life. Some experiences will be challenging and others will bring possibilities to share with a new partner when Venus will go direct. Anyway, this period of time will be for each one of us, another opportunity to grow.

Wish you all to find balance, Grace and Love in your life, in perfect harmony with the Cosmic energies.

Venus attracting Mars…

4 thoughts on “10/10/10 Portal: How Venus & Mars Will Support Our Meditation

  1. Hi There – Just like to say thanks for this article it appears to be the best I have found on the net so far :-)


    1. Hi Ebony!

      I’m honored and glad you liked my post, thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment!

      The aim of this blog is to share a maximum of informations about spirituality, so if you want me to write about a specific subject, please don’t hesitate to send me an email and let me know what are the topics you would like to find on this blog; rita-akasha@hotmail.fr .

      Thank you for sharing my spiritual path Ebony and to be such a source of inspiration!
      With Much Love and Crystal Light,


  2. Wonderful! I share with Ebony with much gratitude! Thank you and many, many blessings.



    1. Namaste Lynette!

      Thanks for following my blog and for your sweet comment!

      If you have a Facebook profile, don’t hesitate to connect with me, I share a lot of informations on my page: you can click on the link to the top/right of this page to be redirected automatically.
      Hope to see you soon over there!

      Much Much Love and Light to you,


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