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Boost your intuitive skills

We were all born with intuitive skills, developping them just belong to us in order to be able to connect the Akashic records, a kind of huge energetic database, where to get many types of information.

In addition to individual sessions, workshops are also organized to train you to develop your 6th sense and experience a complete perception  of your reality.

We use at most, 8% of the potential of our mind… Conviced that people possess more power and possibilities than they realize, we organize workshops to accompany people to develop their 6th sense, so everyone can experience an extended perception of various realities.

By developing your intuition you allow yourself to feel more complete, beyond the limitation of the 5 senses, and to achieve the mission of our life according to our higher Self.  This realignment with your Soul increases your personal power and charisma. 

We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize…

Workshops are organised around the world on demand, with topics of your interest, for more information, please send your request by email through the Contact page.


  • Aura and Chakras reading
  • Closed envelop readings
  • Reiki initiations (one to one basis, Level 1, 2, 3, Teaching) and energy healing
  • Lectures about a variety of spiritual topics (Otherworldly contact, automatic writing, ayurveda etc…)

Rita Minassian Training