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Rita Minassian Readings & Channeling

Through her insight, Rita is a conduit to facilitate communication with the nonphysical world and accompany people in their spiritual development. 

Through an intuitive Aura Chakra* reading and information chanelled from your guides, we go back to the origins of a problem, a cristalized situation in your life in order to remove the blocage, or simply get the informations that are useful to you in the “here and now”. 

During these 90 minute individual consultations, information from the past (including what is commonly called “past” lifes), present and future are given to you in order to help you to move forward in your life. 

Due to old patterns and ancestral or karmic heritage, a lack of harmony in our lifestyles and so on, we create energetic blocages. Each session provides a core energy balance, giving a boost to a weak metabolism and calming down those over-exposed to stress. The fluid circulation of the «Prana» or «Chi» (the 5th element in occidental cultures) is essential to our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.   

Anyone can ask for a reading; a connection with spirit guides, Angelical and Archangelical hierarchies or beloved past ones are beyond any religious belief. There is no age neither; parents can ask for a session for a child facing difficulties (aged under 18 years old only, please check our Code of ethics).

It is not necessary that you provide information about yourself. Actually, Rita prefers not to have any information at all. Known as the “rational medium” and centered in her neutrality, Rita will give you precise evidences like a nickname that a deceased loved one would be given or hobbies they had when alive etc…

These sessions provide intuitive information and guidance to:

  • Step back from victimization patterns to unlock your inner power and personal presence 
  • Access your higher knowingness and intuitive gifts
  • See your true passion more clearly
  • Balance your Yin/Yang, Animus/Anima, right brain/left brain and let emerge your full potential
  • Clear your limiting beliefs and thought-forms in order to find your unique story, your own script of life, free from karmic, ancestral, or toxic patterns of fear

Additional benefits:

  • Reduce stress and increase your energy
  • Get some emotional clearing
  • Shift the energy around deeply rooted behaviors
  • Reduce pain
  • Stimulate your inner healing ability, allowing you to heal more fully, physically and emotionally

Whether you are overcoming a relationship or a career change, making a new business decision, seeking advice regarding your health or simply what’s next in store for you, Rita’s intuitive audition and visions through the energy body scanning, will see you there.  

Sessions can be given around the world for a diversity of clients, whether they are therapists, housewives, artists businessmen-women, entrepreneurs and CEO’s. Please note that confidentiality and trust are highly valued by Rita and her clients, therefor, testimonials are not provided on this website. (Check our Code of ethics).

Energy is efficient beyond the concept of time-space just valid in our reality, this is why consultations can be done by distance as well. Readings can be provided by phone as well with the exact same outcome. Nevertheless, they cannot be provided by Skype as computers usually create interferences during sessions. 

Everyone’s path is unique… If you wish to discover yours, you can book an appointment via the Contact page. 

Please note that these sessions do not replace a medical diagnostic whatsoever. Code of ethics

Field of expertise:

  • Psychic readings (information channeling)
  • Holistic therapy: Aura / Chakras reading, energy body scanning and balancing
  • Karmic issues readings (parallel life readings)
  • Genealogy / DNA work, encoding upgrade
  • Crystal therapy
  • Health and lifestyle counseling
  • Cold case, missing person search


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* Energy centers and electromagnetic field