Jungian Astrology Counseling

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“Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restriction, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity”Carl Gustav Jung

Astrology is a 5000 year-old science (Astro-logos, the science of the stars) and an extraordinary tool for personal development when addressed in a professional way, far from magazines clichés. By analyzing the personality of a native according to psychanalyst Carl Gustave Jung’s work, mainly known for his concepts of archetypes, collective consciousness and synchronicities and taking into consideration the “karmic” aspects of their birth chart, astrology help us to make quantum leaps in life at large, on our spiritual path, acting as an amazing accelerator of success.
In the zodiac round dance, your unique planetary pattern reveals the mystery of your psyche and unveil your mission of life:
  • Which type of vocation is your higher self experiencing in the “here and now”?
  • What is your heroic journey in this lifetime?
  • What are the challenges you have chosen to live and how to transform them into stepping-stones?
  • What are the lingering toxic patterns in your psyche, maybe inherited by family patterns and believes, how can you transform them to follow your own personal calling?
  • And most of all, what are the keys and gift you have that will help you to uncover your confidence and lead you toward a fulfilling personal and professional life?
We’re all feeling the necessary personal and collective transformation underlying current hectic yet rewarding times. I therefore invite you to explore the support you have at hand and become the conscious co-creator of your destiny.
” No one was born under a bad star, there are only people who don’t know how to read the sky.”  His holiness the 14th Dalaï Lama

 Fields of expertise:

  • Jungian psychological and Intuitive natal chart reading
  • Solar return reading (analysis of your current year)
  • Couple chart comparison (synastry)
  • Children birth chart reading
  • Astrological study to optimize a company launch or optimization for an existing company