. 1/1/1 Portal: Shifting From Completion to Fresh Starts

2016-outSo… here we are at the end of an intense year that left most people on their knees… From complete strangers to friends or rock stars, the end of year Tweets or Facebook posts show how much people is looking forward to leave behind this “nightmare year”. Well good news, this collective year 9 (2+0+1+6) is almost over. A little extra effort, we are on the verge of a year offering tremendous opportunities of conscious co-creation.

As we are heading to the New year’s 1/1/1 portal (01/01/ 2+0+1+7= 1), symbolizing new beginnings, we are given the opportunity to get the most of these final days of 2016 and clean up our life by letting go all that is not useful to us anymore, not only for the coming year but also for the coming cycle of 9 years until 2026.

This month of December, and at a certain extent January as well, is about closure/new beginnings and no doubt today’s Capricorn New Moon conjunct to the Sun and Mercury retrograde (in backward motion) is an opportunity for a final reorganizing. Let’s also mention that unpredictable Uranus in Aries is turning direct today, announcing awakening and liberation in self expression: no place for restriction anymore during the coming months.

You may have recently felt the urge to just release… On a practical point of view, this could have manifested by a need to de-clutter your space, your house or office, to empty your cupboards, to move place, sell your house or redecorate, basically, to get rid of the old.

On a psychological level, this intense self transformative year may have led you to question your values, to let go of old habits that no longer serve you. Some of your relationships may have come to an end while other people have become more important in your life.

In one word, 2016 was a year to prioritize.

Today’s Capricorn New Moon and a harmonious aspect to Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (structure and the ruler of Capricorn), suggests a restructering of self and to pursue our desire to get into this New Year more ambitious, more confident than we were so far.

No one needs extra heavy luggages to carry along this new cycle of 9 years. As we are reaching this New year, we should leave behind whatever does not deserves to be taken in the coming cycle and trust ourselves enough to take a leap of faith toward a better, bigger and stronger structure of life, even though we don ‘t necessarily see all the details at the moment. Let the Universe take care of the “when and how”…

If you wish to accompany this shift with a symbolic act, you can write a letter and burn it, perform a ritual, create yourself a wish board etc, to affirm that you are ready to leave behind whatever kept you stuck so far and to welcome all the possibilities that 2017 (and the years ahead) has to offer you.

I must tell you that any type of support and commitment via rituals, counseling, spiritual guidance etc…will be welcome as Jupiter in Libra, the sign of the scale and fair deals which always consider both sides of a situation, may bring a difficulty to make a decision.

My regular readers and clients know that since 2012, at the beginning of December, I’m given an “intuitive calendar of events” for the coming year that proofed to be accurate every year for the past 4 years. The information I shared with several people around me concerning 2016 was no exeption, unfortunately… All the terror attacks with the specific months and even weeks as well as the attempts that could be dismantled by the police, happened exactly as specified in my vision. Sometimes I wish I could change events…

For 2017, the intuitive informations I ´m given show a series of “morphing fields” on the calendar. It seems that the shift of paradigm currently happening on our planet is creating  unprecedent possibilities for conscious co-creation. So far, no precise information is given for the collective this year (keep an eye on my blog posts for extra news along the year), for it seems we will be more than ever fully responsable (a very Capricorn-Saturn theme) for which direction we want to give to our life and to our collective story… Therefore, we should expect that people will stand their ground, which could provoke revolutions within families, in companies or society at large, but all for the better, for the possibility to live a more authentic life. 

So do not hesitate to dream big, to say YES to the new and… take action!

Wishing you a wonderful 1/1/1 portal and a very Happy New Year 2017!

One thought on “. 1/1/1 Portal: Shifting From Completion to Fresh Starts

  1. Rita thank you for this wonderful creation,and I’d like to share with you a new release distinction I’ve had in my yoga work, ANNNND last week UVa announced that there is a newly-discovered/characterized component of the immune system that is cognitive-protective and is peri-lymphatic — that is to say that it is part of the Immunity of Letting Go — theDepartment of Defense of Letting Go, the release !! More soon ~~ let’s please talk and write about this together :)peace, love,Tom J. Thomas Acklin MD Well Beingget your Metabolic FITNESS score!        http://www.metabolicpower.com/1360607 Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/thomas.acklin.7LinkedIn    http://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasacklin 571-278-4326  “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” -Arundhati Roy

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