. September 2016 Eclipses: A Month of Intense Transformation

imageWhat an intense month of September lies ahead for all of us…!

I ´m sure you have already felt the intensity of tomorow’s, September 1st, New Moon Solar eclipse in Virgo, which has already initiated all sorts of revelations and/or dramatic changes in your life, maybe even with a dose of anxiety. The second one, a Full Moon eclipse on September 16th (also on the Virgo-Pisces axis) will bring a situation to its apex. Be ready for a month in full gear!

The area these changes will occur will depend on the houses where this 2 eclipses fall in your natal chart. In all case and no matter which zodiac sign you are, each one of us will feel their intensity and as if it was not enough, the powerful portal of September 9th 2016 (9/9/9), and its echo on the 18th ( 1+8 will give 9 again) ads to the drama. 9 represents the number of completion in numerally, so this month, it feels like enough is enough, a situation has to change for good.

This month, I highly recommend to clean up any lingering problematic that you may have put into standby this year or these past few years, to start afresh on 2017 which will bring a year 1 (2+0+1+7).

Intuitively, i would also ad that if you are aware of any karmic issues, September is the right months to perform a ritual of your choice to transform a story which is bringing roadblocks in your present incarnation. Mercury’s retrograde motion throughout the month of September will sustain your inner quest of transformation for it favors cleaning issues from the past, with people from the past etc…

It is important to say that eclipses can impact our life for 6 months or even a year after the date they occur. So the outcome you seek may take a little time to develop, give it a few months then.

The month will end up with the annual  Fall or Spring Equinoxe (depending which hemisphere you´re living) which will bring by essence another powerful portal to welcome opportunities.

Wishing you a month of constructive transformation…

– If you wish to know more about your astrology transits or about a karmic issues, you can book an appointment with Rita at the contact page of this blog.


One thought on “. September 2016 Eclipses: A Month of Intense Transformation

  1. Wonderfully said MizzRita!
    Thank you for your stellar insights✨And for finding such user-friendly language. I understand so powerfully the value of this Time of completion, and the window that is readying for us as the Universe offers it’s Brand NEW start next year.
    Here’s to meaningful contributional win-win-win beginnings!!
    And thank you for your wonderful voice and all your great work.

    Peace and love, being well,

    Liked by 1 person

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