Cosmic Insight: Jupiter Enters Virgo

jupiter in virgo-rita minassian steinmetzA major change is occurring in the sky today as Jupiter is entering the sign of Virgo. The planet of gifts and luck will stay there for the next 13 months until September 10th 2016. This change will benefit each one of us in a different way, depending which area of our birth chart Jupiter will be crossing (see below the detailed house by house paragraph).

What exactly can we expect from this shift ?

Jupiter represents expansion, optimism, gifts and luck, and also on a more practical way, faraway lands and legal matters…it will therefore enhance (sometimes exagerates!) the major themes that detail oriented Virgo represents.

After travelling through Leo and its creative, lighthearted and compassionate energies for the past 13 months, Jupiter in Virgo will ask us to embody that creativity and to give birth to the projects we imagined and also to live this compassion on a daily basis, with humility for there’s no place for show off with this shy sign. Virgo is also a factual, discriminating earth sign and will ask tangible proofs and grounding. With Jupiter there’s no place for narrow-minded behaviour and limitation, It’s going to be interesting to see how the planet of expansion and bigger picture is going to widen the horizons of neat picky, precise Virgo for whom, no devil is in the detail !…

Here are a few themes, where we’ll see this grounding occur.

What’s in store for the collective ?

Virgo (and the 6th house ruled by Virgo) represents health and diet, so we can expect major changes in the healthcare system in some countries. “Purity” is widely part of the virginal vocabulary; ecology (Jupiterian theme as well), pollution and the way we consciously “avoid impurities” of the planet will be part of the discussions of our leaders this year. Virgo are known also to fight against all type of microbes and bacterias; Jupiter transiting Virgo may inspire experts in biology to discover a new vaccine.

Virgo represents also services at large, so everything related to customer service in companies can see major improvements. Hopefully this will apply to France (where I’m based) where customer service is sometimes, well…inexistant… :)

Combined to Jupiter which represents laws and legal matters, Virgo which also represents the staff in the zodiac may bring new laws to protect employees, specially those working in the service field (cleaning services/hygiene, waiters/waitresses, sellers/saleswomen, customer services etc…)

Daily life matters a lot to Virgos as well, so this transit of Jupiter will ask us to focus on our daily environment, the daily life of our society and how it works, how it’s managed on a day to day basis.

Pets fall also under the area of Virgo in the zodiac : combined to the energy of Jupiter representing laws, we can expect to see legal texts to be voted to officially protect the animal realm and give it rights.

Let’s see now how this Jupiter transit in Virgo can affect you, house by house for the 12 houses of the zodiac.

What to expect from Jupiter house by house ?

If you know which house Jupiter is crossing in your chart, here are the different topics you will experience and improve until September 2016. If you don’t, you can always send me an email via the contact page, I’ll gladly help you with your inquiry!

  • Jupiter is crossing your 1st house of self and personality ruled by Mars; you will throw away all self-limitations you may have experienced in your personality during the past years. This is no more time to follow other people’s opinion and preferences but to follow your own desires, to make decisions and take actions that meet your personal needs and expectations in life. No place for compromises motivated by guilt anymore, you’re going to give yourself permission to be who you really are as an individual and not who the others expect you to be… In one word, this is the time to ground your own definition of happiness, for the consent you give to yourself is all that counts; big time for personal empowerment !
  • Jupiter is crossing your 2nd house of values ruled by Venus; you will experience a change of value in life with an expansion of some sort. Both of your existential, philosophical values will change, but also the more tangible ones, understand a significant increase of your financial resources can occur under this transit. Seems it’s time for you to ask for a raise ! Jupiter in this house can also bring a property purchase you’ve been hoping for. If you work in the real state field, then prepare to reap the gifts of Jupiter dear readers!
  • Jupiter is crossing your 3rd house ruled by Mercury; you may travel to nearby cities more often than usual (no major change of country with this house unless other planets say so). The topics of teaching, writing or going to classes will come on the table as well. Everything related to communication will be improved. With this transit you will change your frame of mind and the way you think for this house is a very « mental » one. The 3rd house represents also siblings, relatives, cousins, aunts/uncle and in-laws. Neighbours fall in this house as well, you will experience wonderful time of sharing and great support from all of them.
  •  Jupiter is crossing your 4th house of home, family roots and emotional life ruled by the Moon, you may move house for a bigger place as Jupiter represents expansion. Maybe you would even like to change country for Jupiter represents « faraway/exotic lands », in order to be more happy in life. If there’s no major home move, you may simply want to pay more attention to your house and make some extension to it, or some refurbishment in order to make it bigger, more beautiful etc… This will be a time when you will need to be more often at home and step back from your « public life », you will need to « rest in your nest » more often, a time for introspection.

By experience, I can say that this placement is a wonderful time to make research about your family story : kinesiology, genealogy research are often brought in the mix with this Jupiter placement. One of my client uncovered a family secret with Jupiter transiting his 4th house. This discovery broke old, unhealthy patterns in the family and brought him such relief, a life changing experience. Under the scrutinizing eye of Virgo , you will get to the core of subject and discover the details of the matter. And as Virgo represents body, I strongly advice people with this placement to work at the cellular/DNA level. Kinesiology and muscle testing sounds perfect method for the next 13 months !

  • Jupiter is transiting your 5th house of personal expression, creativity and fun as well as children ruled by the Sun; expect a huge boost in your creative energies. If you work in the artistic field, you will be inspired to produce more than usual, to explore new medias in art, or even to exhibit your work. You can also be published if you’re a writer. Are you trying to conceive ? great news for you as Jupiter can bring good news about a pregnancy or a new member in your family under this transit! In one way or another, don’t be afraid to shine !
  • Jupiter will be crossing your 6th house of daily life, diet, and staff ruled by Mercury and Virgo; you will experience a tremendous improvement of your health and some change in your dietary regimen (for the better). Jupiter in this house tend to exagerate your behaviour with food, so try not to become to picky or obsessed by what you’re eating and your weight management ! If you were struggling with your staff, this transit can improve your relationship with them and may bring some employees you will hire and keep for a very long time, for a positive and a productive collaboration.
  • Jupiter transiting your 7th house of « others », name it partnerships of all kinds and marriage ruled by Venus; you will meet people of great value and high expertise to help you like : lawyers, business associates among others. On the private front, marriage fall also in this house ; you may meet someone who will become officially your spouse. If an existing marriage crossed some difficulties in the past, this transit can bring back harmony and a revival of your union. With Jupiter speaking about foreign cultures, one or more of these partners may be a foreigner.
  • Jupiter is transiting your 8th house of shared resources and psychological depth ruled by Mars/Pluto; on a practical point of view you may get an inheritance. A positive answer can come from your bank too for this is perfect time to ask for a bank loan, a mortgage etc… If you are in a court or divorce settlement, Jupiter will bring a positive financial outcome to it. Virgo is known for being a precise and organised sign : under Jupiter transit in this house you may write your last will in a very light way , no drama or sadness whatsoever with the positive presence of Jupiter.

The 8th house represents death and rebirth as well, on a psychological level you may experience the revival of your psychological energies : this is perfect placement to start a psychoanalysis for example.

  • You are experiencing Jupiter in Virgo in your 9th house of faraway lands, higher education, legal matters and laws including cosmic laws ruled by Jupiter itself, lucky you ! During the next 13 months you will visit at least one foreign country, probably a place you’ve never visited before, you will enjoy this travel very much ! You’ll be interested and will like everything related to foreign cultures, such as their customs or food. Everuthing “exotic”will be appealing to you!

If you don’t travel physically, you may expand your consciousness with « spiritual travels » by expanding your knowledge in this field. Higher education and university diplomas are favoured under this placement as well. If school time is history for you, you may expand your knowledge via training classes. All legal matters are also related to this house, so if you were struggling in a court case, or even for citizenship, prepare for a positive outcome. 

  • Jupiter is crossing your 10th house of recognition and rewards ruled by Saturn ? Big time on the public front for you ! Time to get noticed socially and to get the support of mentors. It’s a time to shine and be recognised in your field of expertise. This transit may bring a new job or a promotion and if you are self-employed, you will expand your clientele and may work more with foreigners now on. On the private front with Jupiter in Virgo in the 10th, you may also get married (or move in) with a lifetime partner ; lasting commitment is in the picture for you…
  • If Jupiter is crossing your 11th house of hopes and wishes, network and friendship such as charity and political commitment ruled by Uranus; expect to see the support of your network and friends. Here again, some of them can be foreigners or you may expand your social network at an international scale. If you hope to raise fund for charity, then bingo ! you’re getting a great cosmic help ! On a practical point of view, the 11th house rules also computers and electronics, so during the next months, these topics may be significant for you as well.
  • Eventually, if Jupiter is crossing your 12th house of retreat ruled by Neptune; you may feel the transit of Jupiter is not that significant for you in this house. This is not the case ! Jupiter will act behind the scene for you, enhancing your dream world for example : I strongly advice you to keep track of your dreams during these months for some of them may give you the key to change your life for the better. Introspection will be favoured as well as artistic endeavour and inspiration, contemplation… You may also experience a mystical or religious epiphany, meditate more and improve your psychic abilities. You may feel more connected to nature and to the Universe as a whole… brilliant !

During this 13 months transit, there will be times Jupiter will square off Saturn (restriction, restructuring) and will be opposite Neptune (ideal or illusion?). You may feel that something is limiting your efforts (Saturn) and blurring your optimism and energy (Neptune)… Don’t let this short transits sabotage your enthusiasm for they will pass ! Actually, Jupiter in Virgo will join the North Node in an exact conjunction in December 2015/ January 2016; the Universe is telling us that we have an appointment with our destiny… So keep faith (one of Jupiter’s gift) and everything will fall into perfect place. 

Of course, lucky Virgos (like me :) and people with planetary placements in Virgo will benefit most from this transit that occurs every 12 years only! (try to recall how significant this transit was for you from August 2003 to September 2004…). Dear fellow Virgos, you are crowned from the Universe as kings and queens of the zodiac for the next 13 months when everything is going to be possible, make the best of it !

virgo-rita minassian steinmetz


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