The Energies Of April 2014: Evolution Through Revolution…

Beautiful Blood Moon over Golden Gate bridge (Dec 10 2011). Photo Frederic Larson for the San Francisco Chronicle
Blood Moon over Golden Gate bridge (Dec 10 2011). Photo Frederic Larson – The San Francisco Chronicle

I can hear most of you from here wondering ; ‘Here we go again for another cosmic ride…’ . Well, if this remark may be true, you’re still a little far from the truth…

The month of April promises not only to be an intense one, but it seems to be THE month of radical change of the year, and probably the more intense of years 2012 to 2015.

A few years ago, after gently « complaining » to my Celestial hierarchies that information about time were difficult to get (the notion of time is a very “human”notion, and when events will occur is not always easy to get with psychic tools, for there’s no past, present or future, everything occurs at the same time in other dimensions), they would kindly become more specific about dates and events. Since then, not only precise dates were given during readings, but every year in December, I’m given the calendar for the year ahead, for my clients, myself and for the collective.

In December 2013, what I could observe in my vision is that the first quarter of 2014 would be very intense, obliging us to dig deep within and face psychological and emotional patterns that no longer serve us. April on the contrary, would bring light and healing, most of all after Easter/Passover, which symbolically marks a resurection on our planet, not only for Christians, everyone. After the changes of April, what used to seem impossible, would become possible…

Later, I realised that astrological placements were bringing similar informations. Now, let’s have a close look to what’s going on on planet Earth in April, I’ll try not to be too « technical » with astrological jargon…

The month of April will bring 2 very intense Eclipses ; the first one on April 15 is a total Moon eclipse called a « Blood Moon » for the Moon will get a deep red colour, and the second one April 28 /29 (depending your time zone) will be an annular Solar eclipse and very powerful New Moon, bringing initiations, DNA/cellular memory recoding and fresh starts. The fifth exact Uranus-Pluto square (5th of a series of 7 until 2015) will occur on April 20-21st, and what the astrologer call a “Grand cross”, for 4 planets in cardinal signs will form the geometrical form of a cross in the sky on April 22/23 (depending your time zone, see image below). In between these dates, many intense aspects will also occur like the Jupiter-Pluto opposition on April 20, which will amplify the “deep Spring cleansing” for each one of us, very powerful…

Eclipses are the most radical tools the Universe has to push us toward change ; they will bring old fears to the surface and even information that were maybe hidden from us (all will Eclipse out» and be revealed in order to be healed once for a while). While I’m writing this post, I strongly hope and pray that the eclipses will help to sort out the mystery of MH370 and that informations will be eventually revealed to relatives of the passengers.

Whether you are ready or not, Eclipses will force you to see things the way they are and take decisions in order to make drastic changes in your life. Just a reminder here ; eclipses are several times more powerful than « regular » full moons and affect our life for several months, years or sometimes forever…

We are now already familiar with the angry Uranus-Pluto square energy we’ve been regularly dealing with for the past 3 years ; this harsh aspect is bringing both collective and personal revolutions in various areas of our life, depending which house these two planets are transiting in our natal chart. The Uranus-Pluto square brought huge transformations for people and nations in history; the French revolution, the great depression in the US, the revolutionary times of the 60″s and recently, all the revolutions in Arab countries like Egypt, Syria, Tunisia etc…

Coming to the Grand Cross of April 22-23; Cardinal signs are the engines of the zodiac for they bring energy and drive to act and move forward. This planetary alignment (Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, see image at the end of the article for more details) will join to the firy Sun in Aries, bringing not only creative ideas, innovation and drive, but also lots of impatience, strong willpower and sometimes egocentric behaviors.

Beside this, I observe that around me and in the news, there’s a strong focus brought on personal and territorial boundaries these days ; whether my clients are dealing with agressive neighbours asking for a piece of their land, family testing the limits with disrespectful or egoistic behaviours or Vladimir Poutine taking over Crimea, it is obvious that there’s a power struggle between « Who I am/ what I have » and ‘What they want/ have ». Please note that this “Me versus the collective” is applicable to individual expression and needs versus tribe, traditions, family and ancestral patterns, what a program…

Grand-Cross-2014 uk. Rita Minassian
The Grand Cross in Cardinal signs, April 23 2014, given for London (GMT)

In one word, this month and the year ahead will be marked by what I would define as « Evolution through Revolution » and vice versa…

So much is going on and I highly advise everyone to keep their agenda flexible on these dates and remain always aware that if you are crossing these ‘Vavavoom’ times, all of us are doing so… Be careful with deals and contracts of any type, and be conservative with your investments for the stock market can be hectic as well.

So the mantra for this month will defenitely be  ‘I’m flexible and open’, eventhough the only thing you wish to shout out loud is: ‘This is it !‘

What I really love though, is that Venus, the planet of love has just jumped into dreamy, romantic, artistic, psychic and compassionate Pisces ; this placement will definitely help us to remain centered in the heart and listen to our inner voice and intuition. Venus in the mix will bring good intentions for the collective and a stong balance to egocentric behaviours. To sum up, I would say that we will be able to say « I love you, but I’m not willing to take this anymore »…Good !

So use these times to transform ego with constructive « Me time » and take care of yourself with massages, long walks in the nature, lots of meditation to calm down the mental activity or anything that can relax you. And remember, information is power; you are conscious and open enough to have access to these « Cosmic informations », use them to go with the flow for this is the answer to welcome this Quantum leap of change as gracefully as possible…

I promise the month of May will bring a more pleasant agenda and fresh opportunities as the doors of the Grand cross and the eclipses will be crossed! And in the meantime, I wish you a beautiful resurection and rebirth, as we approach this transformational Easter/Passover.

To learn more about these Eclipses;

Cardinal_Grand_Cross developed. Rita Minassian

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