Cosmic Insight: Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Mercury: smallest planet of our galaxy and the closest to the Sun

Mercury will start its retrograde period tomorow thursday November 6th until November the 26th (you may add another couple of weeks of  “shadow period” before Mercury starts its complete movement forward).

As usual, Mercury retrograde will ask us to slow down and focus our attention inward by practicing contemplation and meditation more than usual. It’s also a time to mature projects, gather informations but certainly NOT to sign any contract as one of the parties involved may  create a contract breach that rise up during/after the retrogradation is over. If you are obliged to complete a deal during this period, make sure you got all the details reviewed before signing anything. The only exception to this rule is if a major contract/deal initiated in the past was not signed then you have a Cosmic green light to complete it during the retrograde period!
As Mercury is in Sagitarius, you may expect delays also in Sagittarian fields like travels and also discussions about moral or ethics; everyone will want to be right so just keep your cool…

The signs ruled by Mercury can be affected more than the others which are Virgos and Geminis. If you have a strong Mercury placement in your birth chart, you may also be more affected by the retrograde period. All Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising will also sense more the slow down of this period. If you know where is Mercury currently travelling in your birth chart, you may use the information to reflect on the theme of the house placement of Mercury.

I’m sure you are now masters in dealing with Mercury retro usual delays and miscommunications. I just hope that it won’t affect to much the elections in the US… The last Mercury retrograde during elections brought the Florida mess during the Bush-Gore campaign, typical…

Let’s be confindent that the best leader will be elected to face this major transitional times not only for the USA, but also for our planet…


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