Planetary Concert: All On Stage

“Wrap” by Thomas Beal

I would like to invite you to join the beautiful event organized by Jeanne White Eagle on 11/10/11 (October 10 2011): tomorow at 11am or/and pm wherever you are in the world, you are most welcome to sing a spontaneous song for our planet;  feel confortable to sing whatever comes to your mind and most of all, to your heart and even play some music to accompany this global prayer for Gaia.

For more information and youtube about the event, please visit:

You can do this by yourself or organize a group gathering, do just what feels right for you in the moment…

All the waves created with intentions of Love for our planet will create an incredible healing energy globally. The power of sound has an immediate impact on all forms of life of our planet (and beyond) on human beings of course, but also on the animal reign on earth and in the seas, such as plants and minerals.

Imagine the mermaid chants of Love emerging from our planet that will be heard tomorow from the Universe, how beautiful…

Thanks for joining this moment of Unity; most welcome in these times of huge change for our planet’s consciousness.

Enjoy your meditation.

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