Intense Planetary Transits This Week: Keep Your Cool

 This week, Venus (love, relationships, finance) is square retrograde Pluto (deep transformation, otherwordly connections, let go) and a sum of planets (Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter) in Aries, ruled by warrior Mars, are opposite stern, conservative Saturn in Libra (relationship again), so what is all this jargon about? 

This is a very intense astrological week for couples and relationships in general; lots of power struggles are likely to emerge (most of all today and tomorow). It goes without saying that we all should be conservative in financial matters too as Venus rules also money.  Tomorow the Sun (self-realization) will trine intense Pluto, an excellent transit for change and deep transformation and LET GO !

Both Mars and Pluto rule also sex drive so if you’re lucky to live a harmonious relationship, then you can bring the best of this intense planetary transit.

Of course there is no chance for these Cosmic placements. In this period of Easter and Pessah such as Irish Beltane, it’s all about being free, Resurecting and being fruitful in the transition;  huge shifts of consciousness are possible and lessons can be learned for a lifetime. Pluto in its retrograde motion can put the light on problems kept deep in your psyche, on issues from the past (most of all past lives). Saturn opposing all the planets in Aries can create a push-pull between having a conservative attitude and the, Oh so intense, call for change that can’t be avoided and we’ll feel even more next month. 

So let’s keep our cool and go through this week of whirlwind with Grace by decluttering within and around us; decluttering our homes remove all the energetic blocks in our life! Don’t be surprise if you couldn’t do i so far; Mercury was retrograde until the 23rd and we still feel its shadow period (until at least the first weak of May), in retrograde motion a planet ask us to bring our attention within, most of all the planet of communication and movement… 

Did I mention Pluto requires a lot of Letting Go?… 

Wishing you Resurection.

To AA, Love and support throughout her transition!

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