Spring Renewal


The chants of the birds and around and the first flowers blossoming in our gardens after a long winter are announcing that expected spring is eventually there.  After winter and its period of introspection, cosyness and storing energy with heavy dishes that protect our body from cold, time has come to detox. The intermediate seasons, specially springtime when nature wakes up and comes back to life is perfect for a symbolic rebirth… It’s time to open the windows of our body again.

Cleaning our body internally is becoming more important as our environment  is more polluted nowadays, this increases the stress in our system. The spring detox helps us to loose weight, to clear our mind and to restore our energy and sense of well being. Then, our outlook changes totally, with a more positive approach of life.


In Chinese medicine, the Zang Fu system reveals that there are 5 periods during the year that matches our 5 vital organs in our body. We’ve now entered the period that corresponds symbolically to the liver. It’s now time to release all the emotions that load us down and which are symbolically represented by this organ; no more place for angers, doubts and grudges, it’s time to sweep them all out!

This cleansing reminds us the tradition of “big spring cleaning” in occidental countries, necessary after winter: all carpets out, let’s get rid of all the accumulation done during the long winter period! After all, human beings are mammals who need to live also according to the basic need to hibernate, aren’t they?


In the Eastern countries following Ayurveda, the monsoon season starting around May is actually the best period for a panchakarma: a complete detox program with the use of plants and oils in order to clean the body during 7, 14, 21 or 28 days (the duration of a Moon cycle by the ways…).  Ayurvedic doctors say that the rainfalls outside symbolically represent the cleaning we proceed inside. I believe that, people feel also more positive and fresh inside out due to the negative ions produced by rainfall. Doing some meditation during rainfalls or monsoon is also very helpful to clean up our mind and negative thoughts. Of course, the specific massages of Ayurveda like Abhayanga (4 hand massage) and the Shirhodara (3rd eye cleansing) do wonders on the system.


The funny thing is that this period of cleaning also fits with some religious practices: for the Jewish community it’s now time to get rid of all the “hametz” during the pre-Passover time: every single dust or crumb has to disappear from the house before the celebration of “Pessah”. Through the symbol of the egg, Christians also celebrate birth and resurrection  during Easter.

In Feng shui, spring is also an important moment for a making up; what to keep, what to give, what to get rid of… Old, useless items are blockages for a fluent energy in the house, our inner world, our mind and biological system…


In kundalini yoga, kriyas, a combination of postures, breathing techniques and mantras, are also very powerful tools to help us to unburden our body and mind.


Mother Earth, in her infinite abundance and generosity offers us everything to achieve this detox: plants, veggies, essential oils, specific spices in Ayurveda like curcuma and cinnamon, there are lots of ways to clean up our body. Rosemary, sage, black radish, cherry stalk, artichoke, fennel are the top ingredients to clarify a “toxic” liver, even though the list of the “top cleaning team” for the liver is much longer. Usually, bitter tastes support the hepatic functions. The detox process will also support the other 6 channels of elimination in our body: lungs, kidneys, colon, skin, lymphatic and blood system, all your system will be thankful for this internal shower!


It is important to keep in mind that detoxifying with awareness will offer much better results: it makes a huge difference if we clean up our body mechanically, making it by habit, or with putting the intention to get rid of all types of toxins, physical and subtle ones due to a disbalanced diet but also from negative thoughts. They are actually the number 1 enemies to harmony and good health.


Let’s emerge from grey, offering our winter coats to the past season and let’s enjoy this wonderful rebirth that is offered to us every year in union with the Elementals.

Wishing you a happy spring renewal!


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